Chapter 1327: The Vermillion Bird Flies Into A Rage (2)

    Chapter 1327: The Vermillion Bird Flies Into A Rage (2)

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    "Why are you still daydreaming? Kill that damned girl!"

    Murong Qian barked angrily when she saw how the cultivator had not responded to her order.

    She assumed that he was reluctant to act after seeing the Vermillion Bird's adorable face but no one could see the growing fear in his heart! The hand holding his sword was trembling continuously as fear gradually took over his expression.

    "You want to kill me?" The Vermillion Bird smiled. There was a tinge of cruelty in her smile. "That depends on whether you have the ability."


    A bolt of flame shot out from the Vermillion Bird's mouth. Before the cultivator could react, he had been completely engulfed by the flames until not even his ashes remained.

    Murong Qian, whose face had been initially filled with rage, was instantly dumbstruck. She trembled silently and stared in disbelief at the Vermillion Bird's adorable little face. Her entire body felt as if it had been submerged into ice and she bit her lips, chilled to the bone.

    The Vermillion Bird slowly turned around and stared at Murong Qian with large, smiling eyes.

    Her smile was equivalent to a demon waving at Murong Qian, causing her to stumble back helplessly.

    "Trying to use me to threaten my Master? You've chosen the wrong person. A fool like this one can't even catch me."

    Her voice rang out as clearly as a bell. There was a grin on her soft and jade-like little face. It was as if she did not feel any anger towards Murong Qian's actions.

    "Xiao Qian, I've told you to give it up this time."

    Wen Ya shook her head and sighed.

    This woman really cannot think at all. If that little lolita could be so easily captured, why would she have asked her to give it up?

    However, she had still attacked anyway!

    "Are you going to go down on your own or shall I send you myself?" Gu Ruoyun held the broken sword in her hand as she stared at the group in the arena with a cold look in her eyes before speaking in an indifferent tone.

    Before Gu Ruoyun could follow through on her threat, the other cultivators quickly left the arena with regret in their hearts. Why had we listened to Murong Qian's orders? This woman is clearly a demon, it will never end well for those who oppose her.

    They definitely regretted it!

    Once the others had left, the members of the Murong and the Wen family were the only ones left in the arena aside from Gu Ruoyun's team.

    "Xiao Qian, as long as the green hills are there one need not worry about firewood. You better leave now."

    Wen Ya's expression was filled with urgency as she stared at Murong Qian worriedly, "I have yet to confront her face-to-face so I am unhindered. You better leave quickly. She's too cruel and she'll kill you! Let me stall for you. while you get off the arena quickly. As long as you leave the arena, she cannot do anything to you."

    Once she had spoken, Wen Ya pushed Murong Qian towards the edge of the arena.

    Murong Qian felt very moved at the sight of the worried look on the woman's face, "Sister Wen Ya, thank you. I'll make my move."

    She gritted her teeth. No matter how reluctant she felt, she knew that she was no match for Gu Ruoyun.

    Hence, she quickly ran towards the edge of the arena and jumped off.

    "Eldest Lady of the Wen family, Wen Ya." Gu Ruoyun stared at Wen Ya's graceful features and smiled indifferently. "You are rather intelligent to have Murong Qian leave you the top slot. She would even need to thank you for it."

    Wen Ya's expression changed drastically. Gu Ruoyun has obviously seen right through her.

    "If my guess is correct, you will admit defeat and walk out of this arena after Murong Qian has left." Gu Ruoyun laughed. "Logically speaking, you would get the second place. After the competition has ended, you will plot with the Left Emissary of the Secret Order again and get rid of me. Without me, the champion, you will obviously be promoted to the first place!"
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