Chapter 1329: The Vermillion Bird Flies Into A Rage (4)

    Chapter 1329: The Vermillion Bird Flies Into A Rage (4)

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    "Vermillion Bird."

    Gu Ruoyun stared at Wen Ya's reluctant face as she calmly remarked, "I want her to still be able to talk. I'll leave this to you."

    Wen Ya's body instantly shook. She stared fearfully at the Vermillion Bird who was approaching her and spat with an ugly look on her face, "What do you think you're doing?"

    "Obviously, I'm going to make you answer my Master's question!"

    The Vermillion Bird grinned at Wen Ya as she reached out her hand. A raging flame then appeared on her palm. "Are you aware of the fate which befell the Master of the Lin family? I had trapped him in my Vermillion Flames, making sure that his flesh never rots, his soul never disappears, and that he would endure torture within my Vermillion Flames for a thousand years..."

    Wen Ya's expression grew increasingly horrified as she tried to retreat.

    Unfortunately, the Vermillion Bird did not give her the chance and appeared right behind her.

    How could I not hear about Master Lin's fate?


    I should say that all of First City knows about it!

    It was said that one could hear his anguished wails all the time at the Lin family home and this has continued for almost half a year without pause! Those sharp shrieks were like the wails of a ghost and the howls of wolves. It was quite horrifying to listen to.

    Could it be that this little girl was the one responsible for putting Master Lin through such a horrible torture?

    "Of course, I wouldn't do that to you..."

    Just as Wen Ya was beginning to feel increasingly afraid, the Vermillion Bird spoke again.

    Upon hearing this, Wen Ya heaved a sigh of relief.

    As long as she does not end up like Master Lin, she has nothing to be afraid of.

    "How could a thousand years be enough for you?" The Vermillion Bird's eyes darted back and forth as the smile on her face grew more pronounced. "You'll need at least ten thousand years. After all, as the true instigators, how could the Wen family share the same fate as the Lin family?"

    At that moment, Wen Ya could only feel an icy chill crawling up her body from her feet. Even though the Vermillion Bird was holding out a flame, she felt no warmth. It was so cold that her entire being trembled...

    "Speak, are you the puppet master behind all of this?"

    The Vermillion Bird dragged the flames in her hands as she spoke threateningly, "If you don't answer, I will definitely inflict a greater cruelty on you than what I did to Master Lin!"

    "I'll speak." Wen Ya finally replied and continued with a pale look on her face. "It's true. The Wen family were the instigators behind that matter!"


    A powerful raging flame burst from Gu Ruoyun's body. She eyed Wen Ya icily and asked, "Why have you plotted to take my big brother away? You'd better be honest with me. Otherwise, you know the consequences!"

    "It's..." Wen Ya bit her lips, "It's to refine him into a puppet!"

    A puppet?

    Upon hearing this, the aura from Gu Ruoyun's body became exceptionally icy and now carried an air of murderous intent.

    Puppets were living things which do not have sentience or thoughts of their own and would only listen to their Master's orders! Yet, the Wen family wants to refine her older brother into a puppet...

    "Had the Wen family traveled to the West Spirit Mainland a while ago and captured my big brother? Where is my big brother now? Is he still with the Wen family?"

    "No." Wen Ya shook her head. "My cruel and unscrupulous little sister had sneakily let Gu Shengxiao escape. He's no longer at the Wen family home. Gu Ruoyun, I've told you everything you wanted to know. Will you let me go now?"

    "Let you go?"

    Gu Ruoyun laughed icily as she slowly walked towards Wen Ya, "Of course I'll let you go."
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