Chapter 1332: Proving Innocence (1)

    Chapter 1332: Proving Innocence (1)

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    Murong Qian's mind was set. The pill which Gu Ruoyun had given Zi Yun was one of the pills which had been stolen from her last night.

    "You say that I had stolen my pill from you. Can you elaborate on the type of pill you've lost?" Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently but her eyes continued to stare at Murong Qian as she slowly asked.

    "Do I even need to say it?" Murong Qian raised her head arrogantly and laughed icily, "It's a Spirit Gathering Pill, of course. Someone like you would never be able to own a pill like that! You would have had no choice but to steal it from me!"

    "Are you sure that it was a Spirit Gathering Pill?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows. The smile on her face held a deep meaning.

    Wen Ya, who was standing at the side, paid close attention to the circumstances on both parties. When she saw the look on Gu Ruoyun's face, her heart began screaming that something bad was about to happen and she wanted to stop Murong Qian. However, just as the thought entered her mind, a painful explosion erupted in her head. It was so painful that she could not speak.

    Actually, Wen Ya was unaware that Gu Ruoyun had added her own soul energy into the pill. Now, as long as Wen Ya even has an inkling of intention against her, she would be affected in that manner.

    "Of course."

    Just as Wen Ya had returned to her senses with great difficulty, Murong Qian spoke again. At that moment, Wen Ya's expression changed and her eyes filled with exasperation.

    I really can't understand how the Murong family could have spoiled Murong Qian to this point. If Gu Ruoyun really had stolen her pills, why would she show it off in public? Besides, since Gu Ruoyun had the courage to ask that question, that proves that the pills in her hand are not Spirit Gathering Pills!

    It's not entirely impossible if Murong Qian wants to frame Gu Ruoyun. At least Gu Ruoyun could not prove where she had gotten those pills from.

    However, this woman had insisted on brainlessly admitting that the pills she had lost were Spirit Gathering Pills. This had completely granted the opposition an opportunity to prove her innocence.

    However, Wen Ya had also made a grave mistake in her line of thinking.

    She knows that Gu Ruoyun would not have stolen those pills but she must have gotten them from someone else! After all, how could such a young woman possibly have the ability to refine pills? Even if someone had taught her, she would never have been able to learn so quickly.

    Pill refinement cannot be achieved simply through talent alone. Once must have enough time and experience as well! Her powers were so great that she must have put all of her time into cultivation, where would she find the time to refine pills!

    Hence, Wen Ya never considered that Gu Ruoyun could also be a pill master.

    There were many ways for her to prove her innocence. However, because this was the most troublesome method, she had decided to ask Murong Qian about the missing pills.


    As soon as Murong Qian had answered the question, a powerful energy whirled fiercely in front of her and slammed into her chest with a loud thud. She instantly spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered backward in agony.

    "What are you doing?"

    The Left Emissary rose to his feet in anger. He never thought that Gu Ruoyun would attack in front of him, the referee, right after the assessment has ended! She has outright disrespected him!

    Gu Ruoyun did not reply his question and walked towards Murong Qian who was on the ground. She slowly approached her and once she was right in front of her, she replied with indifference as the corners of her lips curled slightly. Her voice was clear and cold.

    "I'm just here to prove my innocence. Since Murong Qian has accused me of stealing pills, I'm going to make her prove my innocence!"
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