Chapter 1334: The Secret Order (2)

    Chapter 1334: The Secret Order (2)

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    Just as everyone was puzzling over Gu Ruoyun's methods, she pried Murong Qian's mouth wide open and stuffed the pill into her mouth.


    Wen Ya had been watching Gu Ruoyun and Murong Qian behind the scenes. Suddenly, her eyes widened in shock when she saw what happened as if she had seen something absolutely unprecedented. Her mouth hung open as her graceful face instantly drained of color.

    This... How can this be?

    She stumbled back in shock before quickly covering her mouth to stop herself from making a sound.

    Everyone saw as Murong Qian, who had half her foot in the grave, rapidly healed before their very eyes. The once ghastly pale look on her face recovered its rosy tinge as if she had not been injured at all. Forget about the others, even Murong Qian herself was absolutely shocked. She stared in complete disbelief at her completely healed body, rendered speechless.

    This was impossible!

    The Murong family also has a pill master who could refine pills that could heal wounds yet they do not have a single pill which could heal injuries at such a rapid pace.

    How had I recovered so quickly after swallowing this pill?


    The Left Emissary quickly rose to his feet and stared at Gu Ruoyun in disbelief. His expression had also changed unpredictably. Clearly, he could not regain his senses from this sudden turn of events.

    "This was the pill which I had given Zi Yun a while ago." Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely. Her smile was tinged with a strange expression, "If you still want to insist that these pills of mine had been stolen from you, I don't mind proving my innocence all over again."

    Everyone knows that Spirit Gathering Pills were used to help a cultivator gather their spiritual energy and increase the speed of their breakthrough. It cannot heal wounds.

    Hence, the evidence in Gu Ruoyun's pills was clear for all to see.

    Upon witnessing this scene, the crowd began sighing incessantly but due to the Murong family's influence, no one dared to stand up for Gu Ruoyun.

    "This isn't possible!"

    Murong Qian shook her head as she stumbled back. She then bit her lip and exclaimed, "My pills have clearly been stolen, who else but you could have stolen my pills? So what if you've produced a healing pill? That does not mean that you're not a thief! Unless you find my stolen pills, I refuse to believe that you didn't steal them."

    Gu Ruoyun laughed icily and her face carried a disdainful smile, "Since you want me to find those Spirit Gathering Pills, I'll do as you wish."

    Murong Qian was shocked. She had said those things because she wanted to throw more dirty water on Gu Ruoyun. She never expected her to have the courage to say that she would find her stolen Spirit Gathering Pills. How could this be? Even she could not figure out who had stolen the Spirit Gathering Pills.

    Gu Ruoyun slowly turned her gaze around and placed her attention upon a young man who was next to Wen Ya. She then slowly walked towards him.

    This young man had tagged along with Wen Ya to join this competition. However, he had run off a while ago when he sensed that things were going badly so Gu Ruoyun did not have a clear impression of him.

    "What are you doing?"

    Wen Ya, who had held her breath for a while, glared fiercely at Gu Ruoyun when she saw her walking towards them.


    Gu Ruoyun did not say a thing and raised the longsword in her hand. She then charged with the blade towards the young man next to Wen Ya.

    Before the young man could react, Gu Ruoyun had torn his clothes into shreds. At the same time, a string of pills which he had hidden in his lapel rolled off his body, clearly visible before everyone's eyes.
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