Chapter 1335: The Secret Order (3)

    Chapter 1335: The Secret Order (3)

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    The young man's face instantly turned very white at the sight of those pills rolling on the ground. He then stared at Gu Ruoyun with shock in his eyes.

    How had this woman found out about the pills in my hands?

    "Wen Yin!" Wen Ya's expression changed instantly as she glared at Wen Yin angrily. "What is the meaning of this? Why do you have those pills in your possession?"

    Actually, if this had been anyone else, they would have tried to absolve their own disciples of the blame. At least they would deny that those were Spirit Gathering Pills!

    However, Wen Ya had not done this.

    She was very aware that even if she tried to deny it, the situation was irreparable! It was very easy to identify Spirit Gathering Pills. If they do manage to authenticate these pills, the Wen family would be thoroughly humiliated!

    Hence, why not just end it and confess to the fact.

    "The Wen family?" Murong Qian stumbled back as she shook her head in disbelief. "Why had someone from the Wen family stolen my pills? Besides, how did she know that my pills were in the Wen family's possession?"

    A pill master will be particularly sensitive towards the aura of pills. Gu Ruoyun had been able to sense the Spirit Gathering Pills' aura from the man's body for a while. This was how she could find the Spirit Gathering Pills so quickly.


    Zi Yun scoffed coldly, "Is there anything else you wish to say? You had dared to insult my Master by calling her a thief. Now, it's a slap in the face, isn't it? Chu Luo, can you help me calculate how they should pay the price for insulting our Master?"

    Chu Luo shot Gu Ruoyun a look before she began to seriously make her calculations.

    "Now that our Master has obtained first place in the Secret Order's assessment and will soon be able to begin her cultivation under the Secret Order, she can also be considered as a member of the Secret Order! As a member of the Secret Order, the price for humiliating her is rather steep. After all, the Secret Order is a rather large organization and holds such a famous reputation. If the price to pay is too cheap, how will the world look upon the Secret Order?"

    Zi Yun could not help but admire Chu Luo. She had dragged the Secret Order down into the mud with her response. Even if the Secret Order's Left Emissary has any objections, he had to side with them for the sake of the Secret Order's reputation!

    Indeed, the Left emissary, who was about to stand up for Murong Qian and the Wen family, had to swallow his words after hearing Chu Luo's response. He then scoffed coldly and said, "Since Murong Qian has indeed framed you, she must pay the price for humiliating you. State your price then!"

    "Lord Left Emissary?"

    Murong Qian's expression changed drastically. Before she could have the chance to speak, she almost spat out a mouthful of blood from the next part of Chu Luo's speech.

    "The price for the damages made towards the champion of the Secret Order's assessment should be at least a million gold pieces! This is the minimal amount. After this, I will give an accurate price based on the insult that the Eldest Lady Murong has inflicted upon my Master." Chu Luo's exquisite features were filled with smiles as she stared at Murong Qian's pale face with a contemptuous glare. She then curled her lips disdainfully.

    Previously, her Master had blackmailed her so badly. Now, with great difficulty, it was finally her turn to blackmail others. How could she let such a good opportunity slip by?

    "More than a million gold pieces, why don't you just f*cking steal it?"

    Murong Qian no longer cared about anything else and immediately began to scold Chu Luo. Her vicious glare was almost fierce enough to tear the other party into shreds!

    "Zi Yun, she has insulted me by accusing me of robbery. How should we calculate the losses for this damage in reputation?"

    Chu Luo blinked as she looked at Zi Yun.

    Zi Yun ran his finger across his chin and thought over it for a very long time before saying, "Your price isn't as expensive as our Master's so it's about five hundred and two gold pieces. I believe that Lord Left Emissary will make a fair decision for us. After all, the Devil Sect had won the first place so the Devil Sect now represents the Secret Order. The losses incurred for a member of the Secret Order's reputation is priceless but we must also consider the fact that the Eldest Lady Murong is young and lacks sense. Let's just give her a price so that she won't feel uncomfortable over the insult."
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