Chapter 1336: The Secret Order (4)

    Chapter 1336: The Secret Order (4)

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    Murong Qian's body trembled.

    Forget about Gu Ruoyun's honor costing her a million gold pieces. Who was Chu Luo, anyways? She was only a mere female bodyguard. Five hundred thousand gold pieces would be enough to buy many of this dog's lives!

    "Lord Left Emissary, you must make a fair decision for me in this matter!"

    Murong Qian gritted her teeth fiercely and turned towards the Left Emissary as her expression filled with grief, "This is daylight robbery and they are trying to extort the Murong family! A million gold pieces, are they trying to rob us blind? Even robbers aren't as cruel as this."

    "Lady Murong, you are mistaken, it's no longer only a million gold pieces. It's now one million and five hundred thousand gold pieces." Zi Yun kindly corrected her. "Besides, are you saying that my Master is not worth one million gold pieces? Does that mean that the members of Secret Order are not worth a million gold pieces?"

    The Left Emissary was just about to speak again when Zi Yun's words stopped him. He was so angry that his handsome face has turned completely ashen. Even his eyes have turned cold.

    "Murong Qian, the members of the Secret Order are exceptionally valuable and the price of their honor is just as valuable as well! Therefore, you shall have to pay them one million and five hundred thousand gold pieces!"

    Murong Qian's expression changed drastically. She never thought that the Left Emissary would stand up for them!

    She bit her lips as she thought about this and trembled in anger. However, she did not dare to say another word. Otherwise, one slip of the tongue and she would probably have to pay another hundred thousand gold pieces. Hence, Murong Qian, who was burning with rage but unable to vent her frustrations, could only glare at the young man who had robbed.

    "How dare you? You even have the audacity to rob the Murong family. Who gave you that courage, don't you want to live anymore?"

    The young man stumbled back in shock and stared at Murong Qian's eyes which were filled with rage.

    "Xiao Qian." Wen Ya's expression changed drastically. She then stepped out and said, "Wen Yin is a grandchild of an elder from the Wen family so let's just forget about this matter. I will compensate you with anything you want. Let's pretend this never happened."

    Even though Wen Ya hated Wen Yin for humiliating the family in such a public spectacle, she had to protect him. Otherwise, this fellow's grandfather would certainly cause a ruckus in the Wen family!

    "Wen Ya, get out of the way. I absolutely must teach this kid a lesson today!"

    Murong Qian then pulled a whip out and flung it at Wen Yin's face with a crack. The whip carried a fierce aura like a venomous snake as it circled towards his neck.

    "Xiao Qian, stop!"

    With a loud bang, an aura burst from Wen Ya's body and split Murong Qian's whip open. The sharp whip then rebounded towards Murong Qian.

    At that moment, Murong Qian had no time to fall back...

    The long whip landed forcefully on her face, creating a bloody wound. She cried out in pain and held her face tightly as her entire being fidgeted incessantly.

    "Xiao Qian..."

    Wen Ya was shocked. She stared at Murong Qian's bloodied face as a shiver crept up from the bottom of her heart. It was so chilling that she could not move at all.

    I had clearly controlled my own strength a while ago, how could I have ended up injuring Murong Qian and damaged her face too? If this gets back to the Murong family, Master Murong will never let me get away with it...

    The Murong and the Wen family's powers were not very different from each other. If they do end up fighting against each other, both parties would only end up with heavy losses.

    Wen Ya's heart trembled at the thought of this. She simply could not understand how she had ended up hurting Murong Qian.
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