Chapter 1337: The Secret Order (5)

    Chapter 1337: The Secret Order (5)

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    Of course, Wen Ya was not aware that she was not the cause behind the whip's backlash against Murong Qian. Instead, that had happened due to the Vermillion Bird who had secretly pulled some strings in the background.

    It was this woman's fault for trying to seduce Qianbei Ye and insulting her Master...

    That Wen Ya was not innocent so how could she waste such a good opportunity to frame her?

    "Wen Ya, you dare treat me this way!" Murong Qian put her hand down. When she saw her blood-stained hand, her entire being trembled as she glared angrily at Wen Ya, "I will report this to my Grandfather upon my return. The Murong family will never let the Wen family get away with this."

    "Xiao Qian, I..."

    Wen Ya tried to explain but could not speak. After all, she had indeed hurt Murong Qian by accident. Furthermore, it had happened out in the open for all to see. Even if she quibbled, it would be useless.

    Hence, Wen Ya would rather shut her mouth this time and say nothing at all.

    "You just wait, I won't let you get away with this!"

    Murong Qian screamed the last sentence.

    Now, each time Murong Qian thought about how her looks, which she was very proud of, had been destroyed, her heart would shiver uncontrollably. She then turned towards the Murong family members behind her and said, "Bunch of useless things, what are you waiting for? Let's get out of here!"

    "Yes, Eldest Lady."

    The group quickly followed Murong Qian and headed down the mountain as quickly as possible.

    However, before Murong Qian could leave the mountain, a disdainful laugh chimed in, "Murong Qian, don't forget that you owe my Master one million and five hundred thousand gold pieces! If you go back on your word, the members of the Secret Order will certainly support us!"

    Chu Luo's eyes were smiling. For the first time ever she has realized how fun it was to scam others!

    Murong Qian nearly stumbled onto the ground when she heard Chu Luo's remark. She then took a deep breath before hurriedly leaving the place.

    She soon disappeared very quickly from view...

    "We should go too."

    Wen Ya took one last look at Gu Ruoyun, waved her hand and led the members of the Wen family away.

    They did not take another look back either and left the place as fast as they could.

    "Since the assessment is over, we will now announce the results." The Left Emissary slowly rose to his feet and stared coldly at Gu Ruoyun in front of him. He then exclaimed icily, "Even though you are the champion, you must never cause trouble in the Secret Order. Otherwise, no one will be able to help you! Besides, I know that you have a grudge against the Murong family. However, you have taken the first place and she has been placed at the third so both of you have the opportunity to enter the Secret Order. I don't wish to see you both fighting against each other in the Secret Order!"

    "Whatever grudges you may have, please settle it outside." The Left Emissary paused before he continued to speak, "If I ever find out that you've been fighting in the Secret Order's territory, the doors to the Secret Order shall be closed to you forever!"

    Gu Ruoyun flashed a faint smile, "As long as others do not provoke me, I won't provoke them either. However if others do not leave me alone, similarly, I won't leave her in peace."


    The Left emissary scoffed and did not say anything else before he turned around and left the referee's seat.

    When the members of the Secret Order saw that the Left Emissary was leaving, they did not stay back either as they followed suit and walked out behind him.

    "Master, are you really going to enter the Secret Order?"

    The Vermillion Bird's mouth twitched, "The Left Emissary is clearly in cahoots with Wen Ya!"

    "I'm not going to join the Secret Order." Gu Ruoyun turned around to look at the Vermillion Bird before smiling serenely, "I'll only accept the inheritance from the Secret Order so my powers can increase at an even faster pace! Besides, the Secret Order is only granting us permission to accept that inheritance and does not want us to become their disciple. If we are required to become disciples of the Secret Order to receive the inheritance, I'll give it up then."
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