Chapter 1338: The Secret Order (6)

    Chapter 1338: The Secret Order (6)

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    Zi Yun looked at Gu Ruoyun and remarked in a serious and single-minded manner, "Master, no matter where you go, I will go with you. With Lord Qianbei's absence, it is our responsibility to protect you in his stead."

    Chu Luo laughed when she heard this, "You, protect our Master? With that power or yours? I think that the Master protecting you sounds more accurate. Our Master is now more powerful than you so how useful can you really be? You should go back and cultivate for a few more years. Let me protect the Master."

    Zi Yun glared angrily at Chu Luo and scoffed icily, "She's my Master because she's more powerful than me. Can you not even understand that kind of logic, Chu Luo? How did I not realize this, when had you become so stupid?"

    "Zi Yun!"

    As soon as Zi Yun had spoken, Chu Luo exploded. She grabbed Zi Yun's lapel in one swift move and thrust her face next to his own before exclaiming angrily, "You f*cking dare insult my intelligence? If you say another word, I will beat you up right now!"

    Zi Yun looked at Chu Luo's hand then continued to jeer disdainfully, "You have intelligence? Who was the one who had fallen for Master's tricks and ended up having to serve my Master for the rest of her life? Besides, with Master around, I'm betting that you won't have the courage to hit me at all."

    That was right, Chu Luo does not have the courage to hit Zi Yun. After all, Zi Yun was originally on Gu Ruoyun's side while she... Had been tricked into it.

    "Master, don't you get the feeling that those two are quite well-matched?" The Vermillion Bird glanced at the bickering couple. Over the past half of the year, she had gradually gotten used to their interactions.

    "Who's well-matched with him?" Chu Luo scoffed, "With his level of power, he's not even fit to carry my shoes! Let's talk when he gets more powerful."

    Zi Yun's mouth twitched, "I have no regard for women of low intelligence like you. I think you better learn a lesson from our Master. She could trick others without a second thought and had inexplicably tricked Wen Ya as well. Even I don't know when she had laid the trap in the arena."

    Their eyes had never left Gu Ruoyun during that fight but they did not notice her laying the formation. She had somehow sneakily accomplished this under everyone's watchful eye.

    Hence, one could imagine how great her powers were.

    "Let's go. We need to make preparations for our journey to the Secret Order in a few days." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as a determined light flashed in her eyes. "Regardless, I want to have that inheritance. Only then will I have the power to help Xiao Ye instead of letting him do so many things on his own."

    Gu Ruoyun's heart sank at the mention of Qianbei Ye.

    It's been half a year, I wonder if Xiao Ye has been able to uncover Gu Shengxiao's whereabouts? Besides, so much time had passed and I have no idea where he is which has led to no correspondence at all! Gu Ruoyun's heart throbbed at the thought of this.

    "Xiao Ye, you've always been running to my side in the past. This time, wait for me to find you. I will find you regardless of how vast or large this mainland is."

    That was right!

    After all these years, Qianbei Ye has always been the one to come running to her and she had never tried to seek him out, not even once.

    Hence, it was up to her to find him this time. She would find him even if she has to search every corner of the mainland!


    At a guest house.

    The Left Emissary had just entered the room when someone knocked on the door. He furrowed his brows as he looked at the door behind him.

    "Come in," he said.
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