Chapter 1339: The Secret Order (7)

    Chapter 1339: The Secret Order (7)

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    A lush, lily-white hand pushed the door open and Wen Ya slowly walked into the room. She had an ugly look on her face and her pretty eyes were no longer as moving as they were before. Her graceful stance had completely disappeared, replaced by a body filled with vicious currents.

    "What do you need?"

    The Left Emissary knitted his brows tightly together, clearly unsatisfied with the events which had happened today. If Wen Ya was not his beloved kin, he would have chased her out long ago.

    "If you want me to help you deal with Gu Ruoyun, I'm afraid that I can't do it now!" After some thought, there could only be one reason for Wen Ya's appearance here. "Just to deal with that woman. I had unlocked the fifth level of the training pagoda on my own accord and I've crossed the elders of the Secret Order so even I don't know what kind of punishment awaits me when I return."

    If Gu Ruoyun had ended up dead, that would have been fine but she was still alive. His punishment was simply not worth it!

    Wen Ya laughed icily, "I'm not here for Gu Ruoyun."

    "Then what are you doing here?" The Left Emissary felt a little curious as he turned towards Wen Ya and asked.

    "You should be very aware of the Murong family's character in seeking revenge over the smallest grievances. If this matter reaches the Murong family's ears, knowing that old man from the Murong family's love for Murong Qian, he would definitely disregard everything else and start a fight with the Wen family!"

    A cold light flashed across Wen Ya's eyes before she continued, "If both families fall into a struggle, both sides will suffer heavy losses. This is not something the Secret Order wishes to see either."

    The Left Emissary fell silent before slowly lifting his gaze towards Wen Ya's bloodthirsty expression. "You want me to help you go against the Murong family? If that's your idea, let me advise you to give it up. I've already helped the Wen family in a lot of unfair business. If I continue to do as I please, I'm afraid that I will no longer have a place in the Secret Order. You should go back, I will not take action."

    Hearing this, Wen Ya laughed. "Left Emissary, you won't have to feel awkward about it this time. I've thought it over for you. I don't need you to step in and help me deal with the Murong family. I only want to ask you to send a warning to the Governor so that he can stop the Murong family's crusade against the Wen family. Do not forget, if both the Wen and the Murong family end up suffering heavy losses, it would end tragically for my little sister, Yue'er. Knowing my grandfather, he would certainly use her as a tool for forming a marriage alliance and have her married off to a disciple of the Murong family to calm the Murong family's ire."

    The Left Emissary's heart throbbed. It goes without saying that Wen Ya has successfully grasped his weak spot.

    His weak spot was Wen Yue!

    As long as it had anything to do with Wen Yue, he would do it even if he had to break the Secret Order's rules!

    "I will inform the Governor about this matter so he can prevent the Murong family from making things difficult."

    "No." Wen Ya shook her head, "I don't only want you to inform the Governor, I want you to help me push this responsibility entirely upon Murong Qian's head. Furthermore, use her character as an excuse so that she would have no connections to the Secret Order. Think about it, if Murong Qian were to join the Secret Order with her great rage towards me, do you think that she would spare Yue'er once she enters? The Secret Order is particular about rules and you are only an emissary. How are you going to protect Yue'er's safety? The best way is to prevent her from setting foot into the doors of the Secret Order!"

    The Left Emissary's heart sank as he stared at Wen Ya with a complicated look in his eyes. "In contrast to Murong Qian, you are certainly far more intelligent. It was clearly someone from the Wen family who had stolen her pills yet you want to push all the blame onto her. It's a good thing that my Yue'er is not as sinister and cunning as you."
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