Chapter 1340: The Secret Order (8)

    Chapter 1340: The Secret Order (8)

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    Wen Ya did not mind the Left Emissary's statement in the least, "Lord Left Emissary, I've even thought of what you should say to the Governor. During the past few days, Murong Qian had hung out with the members of the Wen family so she had the absolute opportunity to plant the pills on Wen Yin. She had framed the poor Wen family. While it's bad enough that she had shifted the blame to Gu Ruoyun, she's even dragged the Wen family down with her all for the sake of sweeping the Wen family's good name all over the floors and force them to step away from their post as a Great Protector."

    She paused as a sinister light flickered in her eyes before she smiled and said, "Think about it. If the Ouyang family believes our words, they would certainly stand opposed against the Murong family because the Murong family wants to force the Wen family to lose their title as one of the Great Protectors! If they succeed, their next target will be the Ouyang family."

    The Left Emissary stared at Wen Ya in shock. A cold chill then crawled up from the tip of his toes to his heart.

    He knows that Wen Yin was the one who had stolen the pills from Murong Qian's room.

    However, in order to protect the Wen family, Wen Ya had thought of such a grand scheme to implicate them! Not only would she absolve herself from all blame, she would even push the Ouyang family into going against the Murong family!

    With such a ruthless sister, it was a mystery how Yue'er had managed to survive all these years...

    The Left Emissary felt like he had met Wen Ya for the first time. He gazed at the unfamiliar form and he never thought that this woman, who had presented herself with such grace in front of others, could be so vicious behind the scenes! Besides, she had previously enjoyed a rather cordial relationship with Murong Qian. Now, she wants to eradicate the entire Murong family.

    "Left Emissary, don't blame me for being too vicious, I'm only doing this to ensure Yue'er's safety. My Grandfather has always preferred harmony. If we really ended up drawing the Murong family's ire, he would certainly drag Yue'er into forming a marriage alliance. This means that she would be forced to sleep under another man. Is that what you want?"

    Wen Ya's smile was as graceful as before but she asked the question with a tight smile.

    "I understand."

    Each time the Left Emissary thought about how Wen Yue would be sent off to form a marriage alliance, a flaming rage would burn within his heart. "Don't worry, leave this to me! I won't let anyone hurt Yue'er nor will I allow any other man to touch her!"

    "Good." Wen Ya raised the corners of her lips as a smile formed on her beautiful face. "If my guess is correct, Murong Qian should have left Celestial Mountain by now and should be on her way back to the Murong family home to ask Master Murong to avenge her! I hope that you can report this to the Lord Governor before that happens."

    The Left Emissary nodded before he looked at Wen Ya and said, "Wen Ya, I can do anything for you but I have one request - treat Yue'er well! Soon, I will take her as my bride with honor. If she has been hurt in any way, don't blame me for my lack of courtesy!"

    A thick and cold aura exploded from the Left Emissary's body at the last part of his statement, enough to cause others to tremble with fear.

    "Don't worry, no matter how vicious I am to outsiders, I will never hurt my own little sister. Besides, if I had not protected her during that year, she might not be alive today."

    Wen Ya smiled indifferently. She had already picked up on Wen Yue's weak spot anyway so she was not afraid of her saying anything in front of the Left Emissary.

    Unless she no longer wishes to see her long-lost elder brother.

    "I hope that you keep your word."

    The Left Emissary stared at Wen Ya with a complicated look on his face. He clearly does not believe in her words at all. After all, this woman was far too vicious. Even if Yue'er was her younger sister, he was afraid that she would not have had much of a good life in the Wen family home...
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