Chapter 1341: The Secret Order (9)

    Chapter 1341: The Secret Order (9)

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    "What? Don't you believe me, Lord Left Emissary?" Wen Ya curled her lips. "Once the matters surrounding the Murong family have been settled, I will present you with a perfectly unscathed Wen Yue. If there's even the faintest sign of a scratch on her, you may do as you please with my life."

    The Left Emissary did not say much. After a long pause, he slowly replied, "With your assurance, I can be at peace. I will now send my men to take care of the Murong family. Please leave if you have no other business here."

    Wen Ya's face lit up with a smile. She took one last look at the Left Emissary before turning around and leaving the room.

    Once she had turned around, her expression turned cold in an instant.

    I'm definitely going to present him with a perfectly unscathed Wen Yue because the torment I've inflicted upon her is not on the surface at all. How could this foolish boy possibly detect anything?

    However, the Secret Order's Left Emissary's intelligence was really just that.

    He would always be the type of person who, despite after being manipulated by others, would still be counting money for them...


    At the Murong family home.

    An old man was seated on a wooden chair in a simple and elegant study filled with the smell of books. His attention was buried in the book in his hands when a heart-wrenching cry sounded from outside the door. Those cries drew closer towards him and he could not help but frown.

    However, he soon smoothed out his brows and raised his head to look at the woman who had rushed in through the door.

    The woman, who was dressed in light green robes, had messy hair and a dirty face as if she had just crawled out from a group of beggars. She charged directly towards Murong Yang at top speed. The Murong family disciples who were trailing behind her all had their heads lowered and had no courage to speak. They did not dare to lift their heads at all.

    Murong Yang's heart thumped at the sight of this. Before Murong Qian could reach him, he began to gently console her.

    "Xiao Qian, did you fail the assessment? It's alright, it's no hindrance even if you can't enter the Secret Order. I could not stop worrying about you being there in the first place."


    Murong Qian threw herself into Murong Yang's arms, crying inconsolably. Because she had cried all the way home, her voice was now very hoarse and sounded more unpleasant than a crow.

    "Xiao Qian..."

    Murong Yang stroked Murong Qian's head. Abruptly, the wailing woman lifted her head...

    When Muring Yan saw the very obvious scar on her face, he jumped with shock and nearly fell off his chair.

    There was dried blood on Murong Qian's and her large, red eyes were like bronze bells which were filled with hatred. She looked remarkably like a madwoman and was no longer as beautiful as before.


    Murong Yang returned to his senses and rose to his feet in anger before slamming his hand on the table, "Who did this to you? Who did it?"

    "Grandfather, it was Wen Ya!" Murong Qian gritted her teeth. "A member of the Wen family had stolen my Spirit Gathering Pills but I had not asked the Wen family to pay for it at all. Wen Ya then hit me to protect the Wen family disciple. Grandfather, you have to support me!"

    Murong Qian cried miserably while the hatred and malice in her eyes did not diminish. Instead, it deepened.

    She had not mentioned how she was the first person to strike the Wen family disciple. Instead, she had pushed all the blame onto Wen Ya.

    "The Wen family? Hahaha!"

    Murong Yang laughed in spite of his rage, "How great is the Wen family to have the gall to hurt my precious granddaughter! Guards, prepare the horses. I'm going to trample over this damned Wen family right now!"
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