Chapter 1342: The Secret Order (10)

    Chapter 1342: The Secret Order (10)

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    Suddenly, the Murong family guard rushed in and joined his fists as he reported, "Master, the Governor's party has summoned you to the Governor's Palace."


    Murong Yang scoffed icily as a sinister light flashed in his eyes, "Why is he summoning me to the governor's palace at a time like this? Could it be that the old man from the Wen family knows that his own granddaughter has caused a disaster and has requested for the Governor to settle the matter for him? However, even if the Governor defends the Wen family this time, I won't let them get away with this so easily! Let's go! We shall leave for the Governor's Palace now. I really want to find out what excuse the Wen family had used to convince the Governor to help him!"

    With that, he straightened his sleeves and walked out of the study...

    The Governor's Palace.

    The meeting hall was splendorous and majestic. Two elders were seated beneath the Governor's chief seat and all was quiet.

    Without warning, the door to the meeting hall swung open and Murong Yang, whose body was enveloped in an icy chill, walked in before their very eyes. There was a sinister expression on his ashen face as he looked at the Wen family's elder.

    Each time he remembers the injuries inflicted on Murong Qian, he would feel the urge to tear everyone from the Wen family into ten thousand shreds!

    "You're here?" The Governor glanced at Murong Yang and exclaimed icily, "The members of the Secret Order were here a while ago. Murong Yang, are you aware of your crimes?"

    Murong Yang shook.

    Could it be that the Governor had not summoned him here because of the matters concerning his granddaughter's abuse?

    At the thought of this, he asked, "May I ask what crime I've committed that the Lord Governor would summon me here?"


    The Governor slammed his hand on the table, enraged. "Murong Yang," he replied icily. "Don't think that we're unaware of your granddaughter's great deeds! Furthermore, I'm afraid there isn't a single person who isn't aware of who was responsible for her attitude!"

    Murong Yang's expression gradually sank. He then replied scornfully, "Governor, what on earth do you mean? My granddaughter has been bullied and her looks have been destroyed too. Are you saying that she's to blame? Not only had the Wen family members stolen her pills, but they've also beaten her up. Shouldn't the Wen family provide me with an explanation for this?"

    "An explanation?" Wen Xiao laughed icily, "Your granddaughter has shifted the blame onto others and you want us to give you an explanation? The members of the Secret Order have made a thorough investigation, it was the Murong family who had incited Murong Qian and allowed her to hide those pills in Wen Yin's possession. You can forget about framing Wen Yin for stealing those pills! She had even attacked the Wen family's disciples! Such evil actions yet you have the audacity to insist that we give you an explanation?"

    Murong Yang nearly spat out a mouthful of blood in anger. He then roared angrily, "You're spewing venomous slander! It was clearly a Wen family member who had stolen the pills yet you dare to frame my granddaughter! My granddaughter would never do such a thing!"

    "This matter has been verified by the Secret Order so how can it be fake?" Wen Xiao stared at the ashen-faced Murong Yang and laughed icily. "You want to make false charges against the Wen family and destroy the Wen family's public reputation. As a dignified member of the Great Protectors, how can you dabble in such illicit affairs? Once you've succeeded in planting your false charges, the Wen family's name will be swept all over the floor and be forced to leave their position as one of the Great Protectors! By then, you would find a way to use the same methods to deal with the Ouyang family. Perhaps the Ouyang family would also be forced out and the Murong family will stand alone as the Great Protector!"

    Ouyang Yuan furrowed his brows. It was obvious that Wen Xiao's words have angered him and made him happy at the same time.
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