Chapter 1343: The Secret Order (11)

    Chapter 1343: The Secret Order (11)

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    It was a good thing that the Ouyang family had not sent any representatives to Celestial Mountain. Otherwise, it would not be the Wen family alone who would suffer from false accusations! If that were to happen, it would become just as Wen Xian had said - both Great Protectors would be forced to leave their posts and only the Murong family alone would be the Great Protector from then on.

    Ouyang Yuan exclaimed scornfully when he thought of this. "Murong Yang, you're a rather large chess piece. However, knowing Murong Qian's level of intelligence, she would not be able to think of such a plan. You must be the mastermind behind this, right? If your scheme had succeeded, it's likely that the next ones you come after would be the Ouyang family, wouldn't it?"

    Murong Yang's entire body trembled upon hearing the accusations and the flaming rage in his chest nearly spilled over. He glared fiercely at Wen Xiao before gritting his teeth and said, "Wen Xiao, you dare slander the Murong family! I swear that I, Murong Yang, have never done such a thing! If I had, I would be struck by lightning! I will not have a peaceful death!"

    "Hehe, you haven't done such a thing because you didn't do it. You had ordered your granddaughter to do it!" Wen Xiao laughed icily before continued, "Do you dare swear that you've never had any intentions of dragging us down?"

    Murong Yang was instantly silenced.

    He had, in fact, had these kinds of thoughts. After all, who would not want to be the only power on this mainland? He even had thoughts of replacing the Governor.

    However, he believes that the same thoughts had also crossed the Wen and the Ouyang family's minds.

    The only thing was, his power was not as great as the Governor's power.

    "Murong Yang, do you swear it? That will prove that you were not the person behind this matter!" Wen Xiao stared at the speechless Murong Yang and spoke in a condescending manner.


    Murong Yang's eyes were spitting fire as he sent Wen Xiao a death glare. His gaze looked as if he wanted to execute Wen Xiao with a thousand cuts!


    Just as the two were in the middle of the argument, the Governor's cold and distant voice rang out, "Murong Yang, there's no need to quibble. The Secret Order was tasked to investigate this and knowing the Secret Order, they would never do anything unjustly. Hence, as punishment, I sentence the Murong family members to meditate on your faults behind closed doors for three years. No one can leave the Murong family premises in the course of these three years. If you continue to make false accusations against your compatriots, I will remove your title as one of the Great Protectors! This meeting is adjourned."

    The Governor did not say much else before he rose to his feet and left the meeting room.

    He did not spare the three a second glance...


    Murong Yang scoffed icily and glared fiercely at Wen Xiao. His voice was filled with viciousness as he spat, "Wen Xiao, the Governor had protected the Wen family this time so I can't do anything to you. One day, however, I will destroy you and avenge this day!"

    Wen Xiao grinned as he retorted, "The feeling is mutual. Once I have the chance, I won't spare a single one of the Murong family members."


    Murong Yang scoffed coldly once again before he turned around and left. His body carried a sinister and cold aura, causing the temperature in the room to plummet.

    Once he had left, Wen Xiao's elderly face sank as his lips curled into a cold smile.

    "Murong Yang, just because you think that you have power and influence that pierces through the skies that you can protect Murong Qian for the rest of her life so you can indulge her every action. However, you will never understand that if we do not educate our future generations well enough, one day, the Murong family will be destroyed by her hands!"

    Compared to Wen Ya, Murong Qian was very far off.

    If Murong Qian was as intelligent as Wen Ya, she would not have lost so horribly...
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