Chapter 1344: The Secret Order (12)

    Chapter 1344: The Secret Order (12)

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    Even though the Governor had issued the order that this matter should not be leaked out to the public, everyone in the First City found out about it anyway.

    Murong Qian had been instantly enraged when Murong Yang had announced the Governor's orders. As a result, she had cursed Wen Ya in every corner of the Murong family home. Her curses were rather unpleasant to hear and they leaked out so even those passing by the Murong family home could hear her.

    Therefore, the people of the First City began to discuss, especially those who had participated in the assessment. They were under the impression that Wen Ya had done something to Murong Qian which resulted in Murong Qian's now bone-deep hatred towards her.

    Left with no other choice, the Wen family then issued an explanation under the Governor's tacit approval. That was when the public found out that Murong Qian had tried to falsely accuse the Wen family of stealing pills. Each and every person snorted disdainfully and all of First City was soon filled with curses towards Murong Qian.

    Everyone knows that Wen Ya had treated Murong Qian like a sister yet they never thought that Murong Qian would be so cruel and unscrupulous to try to frame the Wen family. After doing such a thing, she still had the gall to humiliate Wen Ya?

    Everyone in the First City then began to pity Wen Ya. As for Murong Qian, they would spit each time someone brought up her name.

    Even a three-year-old child would view her attitude with disdain!

    Instantly, Murong Qian's name gained a bad reputation. In contrast, Wen Ya was viewed in a favorable light.

    To tell the truth, if Murong Qian had not cursed Wen Ya in the Murong family home day and night, perhaps the Governor would have been able to silent the matter. However, she never thought that she would end up destroying everything to the point where she has ended up with a stinking reputation!

    Of course, this matter has also reached Gu Ruoyun's ears. After hearing about this, Gu Ruoyun could only smile without comment.

    It was Zi Yun who was enraged and he exclaimed fiercely, "This Wen Ya is really vicious. It was clearly a member of the Wen family who had stolen the Murong family's pills yet Murong Qian ends up becoming the one who takes the blame and Wen Ya won everyone's pity."

    Upon hearing Zi Yun's indignant tone, Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely, "What can we do? If Murong Qian wants to go up against Wen Ya, she can't win."

    "Master, I don't quite agree," Chu Luo paused in silence before saying, "Wen Ya had received help from the Secret Order's Left Emissary, that's how she had managed to successfully shift the blame onto Murong Qian. If it were not for the Secret Order's help, I believe that she would not have accomplished this so easily."

    "No," Gu Ruoyun shook her head and laughed icily, "With the current formalities in the First City, the Governor would never allow any in-fighting between the Three Great Protectors! Therefore, even without the Secret Order, the Governor would still push the blame onto the Murong family. Only then would he be able to stop the two families from fighting. Otherwise, the Murong family would not be able to hold themselves back from attacking the Wen family. If this were to happen, the power structure of the First City would fall into chaos."

    If the Governor wants to prevent the two families from fighting, he had no choice but to put the Murong family under house arrest. To do so, he would need an excuse to put them under house arrest. That excuse had come from the matter between Murong Qian and Wen Ya.

    Hence, Gu Ruoyun had known from the start that it would not be so easy to topple the Wen family.

    "However, it's unfortunate."

    The Vermillion Bird's face was filled with remorse as she exclaimed, "I thought that after I had hurt Murong Qian, she would certainly pick a fight with the Wen family but I never thought that Wen Ya would have settled the matter so easily."
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