Chapter 1345: The Secret Order (13)

    Chapter 1345: The Secret Order (13)

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    Zi Yun was shocked. He stared at the Vermillion Bird's adorable and tender features as he asked in disbelief, "What did you mean by that? You were behind the scar on Murong Qian's face? That can't be, hadn't Wen Ya hurt her by accident?"

    The Vermillion Bird rolled her eyes. Even though she did not respond to Zi Yun's question, he got his answer when he saw the look on her face.


    A sudden stroke of lightning struck from the sky, rendering Zi Yun's entire body dumbstruck.

    What kind of company does our Master keep? She's such an abnormal child to be able to hurt Murong Qian under the Secret Order's watchful eyes. Besides, she had even managed to shift the blame onto Wen Ya.

    Poor Wen Ya, being made to carry the blame just like that, which resulted in the Murong family's deep hatred towards her.

    "You really are stupid." Chu Luo glanced at Zi Yun as she sneered, "Would a person like Wen Ya accidentally hurt others? Her use of force had been precise, she would only split Murong Qian's whip but not hurt her. Therefore, this matter must have been connected to our Master. If Master had not been the one behind it, it would have been the doings of those by her side!"

    Besides, Chu Luo already knows that Gu Ruoyun was a sneaky person. Why would she have anyone honest by her side?

    All of them would certainly trap someone and make them pay with their life!

    Just like this little Vermillion Bird!

    Zi Yun finally returned to his senses. His expression was filled with peculiarity as he spoke, "I rather pity Wen Ya this time. She got trapped by our Master in the arena and was then entrapped by the little beast on Master's side! If I was her, I would probably be driven to insanity! I would not tolerate being bullied like this."

    "Hmph! It was that woman's fault for trying to kill our Master and taking Master's big brother away."

    Whenever the Vermillion Bird heard Wen Ya's name, she would not be able to control the flames from igniting in her body. Her eyes were spitting with raging flame as she continued, "I seriously hope that she would stay away from the Secret Order after being trapped by Master! This means that if I want to hurt her, I would only be able to find her in the Wen family home. If she enters the Secret Order, I will make her regret having offended our Master!"

    Just because the Vermillion Bird looks like a little lolita on the outside, she was still an old bird who had lived for over ten thousand years. How could she possibly be a good bird?

    Besides, out of the Four Divine Beasts, the Vermillion Bird does not have Yunyao's grace, the Azure Dragon's composure, nor does she ever have the Black Tortoise's straightforward and honest nature. Instead, she had the worst temper of them all! It was fine if no one offends her but once someone does, they would face dire consequences!

    "It's getting late. You two should go back and get some rest. Get ready, We will officially leave for the Secret Order tomorrow."

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered, feeling interested in the mythical Secret Order...


    The Secret Order.

    An old woman, who had been seated cross-legged with her eyes closed in the Clan Leader's room, opened her eyes and looked at the extremely deferential elders who were standing in front of her. She exclaimed calmly, "The assessment is over and I'm sure that the geniuses are rushing over here now. We must make preparations. I want to nurture these talents with everything I have to face the dangers ahead."

    "Yes, Clan Leader." The elders replied respectfully. "However, Clan Leader, there's one thing that I can't comprehend. The Three Great Protectors are the most powerful of all on the mainland. Why did you not have these Three Great Protectors join the Secret Order directly and instead chose to have this assessment?"

    The white-haired old woman smiled serenely as she said, "The world is so vast and there are a countless number of geniuses around. Some may not have been recognized. There are many geniuses in the Three Great Protectors but I believe that there are still many other geniuses left undiscovered! Therefore, I had chosen to organize this assessment to attract true geniuses! Oh, that's right, who's the one who got the first place?"
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