Chapter 1347: Kept Outside (1)

    Chapter 1347: Kept Outside (1)

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    The Secret Order was the most mysterious organization in the First City. To this day, not many people know about the secluded place where the Secret Order resides. However, those who were at the highest peak of existence in the First City understood that the Secret Order contains a long-standing inheritance. Even the Governor needs to show the members of the Secret Order some degree of consideration.

    Hence, many cultivators carry a sense of fascination and reverence towards the Secret Order even though this organization had disappeared from the mainland and gone into hiding. Not a single member of the Secret Order has ever appeared before the eyes of the public on the mainland for a long time. As a result, many cultivators on the mainland have nearly forgotten about the Secret Order's existence.

    At this moment, at the foot of the mountain where the Secret Order resides, the situation was not as calm as it usually was. The sound of oncoming footsteps disrupted the peace and quiet.

    "So this is the Secret Order."

    Gu Ruoyun paused and raised her head to look at the mountain range which rose into the sky. She then curled her lips calmly, "It seems that we'll need to use a bit of effort to climb this mountain."

    Chu Luo, who was right behind her, took two steps ahead and made a remark, "So the mysterious Secret Order resides here. It is said that there are many spiritual beasts in the mountain range and that it is fraught with danger. However, there's no lack of priceless treasures here. Therefore, many people wish to enter this mountain range but those who have entered have never returned. After a long time, this mountain range was considered to be one of the most ferocious grounds of the mainland - Deity Peak!"

    Deity Peak?

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow before saying, "Let's go. We should head on up to the Deity Peak. I'm certain that the members of the Wen family have already arrived."

    She then continued onwards and ascended the mountain.


    The Left Emissary paused outside an imposing great door on the mountain peak and turned towards Wen Ya before saying, "This is the Secret Order's location! Now that you've arrived at the Secret Order, you are now a member of the Secret Order. I cannot protect you here so you'd better shape up."

    The Left Emissary gave Wen Ya a word of warning before she enters the Secret Order.

    After all, knowing Wen Ya, she would not let Gu Ruoyun get away so easily. Even though he could help her out secretly, he could not make his actions too obvious. Otherwise, he would lose his life as well if the elders were to find out.

    "Don't worry, Lord Left Emissary, I understand what you mean." Wen Ya smiled gracefully. Her eyes were filled with a gentle light as she continued, "After I've entered the Secret Order, I will get Yue'er to marry you. By then, you only need to make wedding preparations."

    At this moment, the Left Emissary was not aware that Gu Ruoyun had poisoned Wen Ya. Hence, Wen Ya would not dare do anything to Gu Ruoyun, no matter what.

    "As long as you understand the situation."

    The Left Emissary nodded when he heard Wen Ya's reply.

    "Now, let's head in. Gu Ruoyun would probably need some time to arrive here," said the Left Emissary as a cold smile crept onto his face.

    Deity Peak was fraught with danger. Wen Ya had successfully managed reached the Secret Order's location because she had a guide. Without a guide, even if she had survived the encounters with the ferocious spiritual beasts, she would have experienced great difficulty in order to reach the doors of the Secret Order.

    Wen Ya smiled but did not say anything as a cold light flashed in her eyes.

    How could she not realize the meaning behind the Left Emissary's reaction?

    Even though she has no way of exacting revenge on Gu Ruoyun, she still feels the urge to tear the woman into ten thousand pieces! Hence, she took great delight in watching whatever the Left Emissary does come to fruition.

    "Lord Left Emissary."

    When the two disciples who were standing guard outside the Secret Order's gate saw the Left Emissary walk in, they immediately joined their fists respectfully and said, "Lord Left Emissary, are these..."
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