Chapter 1348: Kept Outside (2)

    Chapter 1348: Kept Outside (2)

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    The Secret Order has its own rules. No disciple was allowed to bring anyone from the outside world into this place. Hence, despite coming face-to-face with the Secret Order's Left Emissary, these guards had to ask about his guests' identity to prevent criminals from entering the Secret Order.

    "They are the winners of this round's competition. I'm fulfilling the elders' orders by bringing them here. You can stand aside now."

    The Left Emissary's expression was cold and distant as he replied arrogantly.

    His courtesy was only reserved for Wen Yue and he would never speak kindly to anyone else.

    Even if that person was a disciple of the Secret Order!

    "So these are the winners of the recent assessment." When the two disciples who guarded the door heard this, they stepped aside and greeted them respectfully, "This way, please."

    The Left Emissary scoffed and turned towards Wen Ya before saying, "Wen Ya, remember what I've just told you. Please control the Wen family members as well. I will allow subtle actions but I won't tolerate brazen offense of the rules. Otherwise, I can't protect you either!"

    "Lord Left Emissary, since I've made a promise to you, I won't attract any disturbances. Even if anything were to happen, I will not drag you down."

    Wen Ya smiled calmly as she stared sincerely at the Left Emissary.

    The Left Emissary heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this and slowly replied, "Alright, you can all come into the Secret Order with me."

    He then entered the door after straightening his sleeves.

    Wen Ya's eyes darkened as she stared at his departing figure before she followed suit...


    "We're finally here."

    Not too long after the group had left, several figures appeared outside the Secret Order's gate. The woman who had spoken was dressed in black and her exquisite face was drenched in sweat. She wiped her forehead and turned towards the silent woman in green behind her, "Master, we've reached the doors of Secret Order but it seems that the rest have not arrived yet."

    Chu Luo was quite surprised. Wasn't it said that there were many spiritual beasts in the mythical Deity Peak? Why did we not run into a single one of them? She wondered.  Even so, this high mountain had indeed taken up a lot of our time. Besides, we still have to be aware of the countless traps on Deity Peak.

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a moment before she replied indifferently, "Since they haven't arrived, we shall enter the Secret Order first."

    Upon hearing this, Zi Yun, who was now so weak that he could not even move his legs, instantly straightened up and his eyes sparkled.

    After all, how many cultivators have dreamed of entering the Secret Order? He never expected that he would have this opportunity after following his Master.

    "Let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun strode towards the Secret Order's gate but just as she was right outside the gate, she was blocked.


    The disciples of the Secret Order stared at Gu Ruoyun's group as they berated them coldly, "This territory belongs to the Secret Order, who gave you the permission to enter this place? Leave immediately! The Secret Order is not a place for anyone to enter at will!"

    Actually, the disciples of the Secret Order were very shocked when they saw Gu Ruoyun's group. After all, these people were the only ones who were able to reach the Secret Order with ease after so many years! However, the shock soon faded and as the Secret Order's disciples, they still held the responsibility to stop them from getting any closer!

    Chu Luo raised her attractive brows and snapped impatiently, "We are the champions of the recent assessment and it was the Secret Order who had summoned us here! What is the meaning of you keeping us out? Where is the Left Emissary? Call him out here right now!"
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