Chapter 1349: Kept Outside (3)

    Chapter 1349: Kept Outside (3)

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    Initially, Gu Ruoyun's group was supposed to follow the Left Emissary to the Secret Order. However, he had some unexpected matters to attend to at the last minute and had informed them that they could start their journey first. They did not expect that they would end up spending so much effort. Furthermore, the geography of Deity Peak was very complicated. Hence, they had only managed to reach the Secret Order after quite some time.

    Chu Luo never thought that the Left Emissary had not left with them first because he had urgent matters. In fact, he had abandoned them on purpose so that they would have a difficult time entering the Secret Order.

    "Champions of the assessment?" The disciples of the Secret Order looked surprised before they laughed icily. "Do you think that we would believe you? The Left Emissary had already led the winners of the assessment into the Secret Order a while ago and he never mentioned that there were more people behind him. Besides, he had arrived just a while ago while your group had arrived later. Since that's the case, why had he not brought you along into the Secret Order as well?"

    Chu Luo's expression changed drastically. How could she have missed out on the way the Secret Order's disciple had implied that the Wen family were the champions of the assessment?

    She never thought that the Left Emissary would be so vicious to abandon them on purpose and lead the Wen family here instead!

    "It's strange," Zi Yun scratched his head and asked in a puzzled manner, "The Left Emissary had led the Wen family into Secret Order. Why had he not waited for us? Didn't he say that he had to leave at the last minute?"

    Chu Luo laughed icily as she rolled her eyes at Zi Yun and replied with a sneer, "Can't you even comprehend such simple logic? The Left Emissary had trapped us! He had obviously abandoned us on purpose so that we would run into danger on Deity Peak."

    However, the Left Emissary had probably never considered that they would not run into any spiritual beasts after entering Deity Peak.

    Otherwise, they would have ended up facing misfortune on Deity Peak!

    After hearing Chu Luo's explanation, Zi Yun's less than nimble mind suddenly came to a realization. His handsome face turned ashen as he cried out angrily, "The Left Emissary is truly sinister, he would join forces with the b*stards of the Wen family to hurt us! Previously, they had nearly driven us to death. This time, they still refuse to leave us alone! If he ends up in my hands, I will grant him a fate worse than death!"

    Zi Yun was nearly mad with rage. The Secret Order was known to have strict rules so why was someone allowed to commit such acts of injustice?

    It looks like this dignified Secret Order was not like that at all.

    Zi Yun's lips curled into a cold smile at the thought of this. A cold light then flashed in his eyes.

    "You're still not leaving. What are you all standing around here for?"

    The disciples of the Secret Order noticed that the group was still around and were slandering the Left Emissary as well. They were immediately enraged and threatened, "If you still refuse to leave, don't blame us for our lack of courtesy! I think that you've clearly failed the assessment yet you still wish to enter the Secret Order. That must be why the Left Emissary had ignored you all. Now, you have the audacity to slander him. The Secret Order has never allowed any acts of injustice to take place within its doors. As Lord Left Emissary, he would never violate the rules deliberately! If you continue to utter words of slander against him, don't blame the Secret Order for treating you rudely."

    The Secret Order has always had one virtue - unity!

    Therefore, the Secret Order's disciples could not just stand back and watch when they saw that Gu Ruoyun's group was slandering the Left Emissary. In fact, they would have acted long ago if it were not for the fact that everyone in the group looked far too young.

    "Rudely?" Zi Yun laughed icily. "Just how are you going to treat us rudely? If a member of the Secret Order has done something wrong, are others not allowed to speak of it? The Secret Order's Left Emissary has always been a b*stard, he's worse than a dog or a pig! He had the audacity to trick us! We don't care if we don't get to enter the Secret Order! Even if my Master was unable to join the Secret Order, she will surpass all of you sooner or later."
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