Chapter 1350: Kept Outside (4)

    Chapter 1350: Kept Outside (4)

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    As Zi Yun had spoken, he then turned and walked to Gu Ruoyun's side before speaking with an angry look on his face, "Master, the members of the Secret Order are clearly snobs! I had always wondered how powerful the Secret Order really was. Now that I've seen it, there's nothing to really shout about. What kind of future could the Secret Order possibly have if they were able to nurture someone like the Left Emissary? Let's go now, Master, your talents are great and powerful. Your growth will remain uninhibited with or without the Secret Order."

    Gu Ruoyun nodded and calmly replied, "Alright."

    She took one last look at the Secret Order's towering gates and headed down the mountain without any hesitation.

    That was right!

    She had wanted to enter the Secret Order for the sake of the inheritance! However, even if she does not manage to obtain the inheritance, she could break through on her own! It was only a matter of time. Hence, the inheritance was not an absolute must for her to have.

    Chu Luo was dazed with shock. She stared at Zi Yun and Gu Ruoyun who were both making their way down the mountain and blinked.

    Are these two really going to leave just like that?

    Master had gone through trials and tribulations in order to have the chance to obtain this inheritance, is she really going to give up just like that?

    "Master, are you going to leave just like that?"

    She hesitated for a long while before she asked reluctantly.

    Zi Yun glared at Chu Luo fiercely and exclaimed angrily, "Didn't you hear them? They've already issued the order to have us expelled so what do we gain from staying here? Since they won't let us enter the Secret Order, we should just leave. I just hope that they won't regret this! By then, even if they came personally to invite us, my Master will never enter the Secret Order!"

    His eyes turned towards the Secret Order disciples who were guarding the gates and he spat viciously, "Remember your words today, don't blame us for not giving the Secret Order a chance. Once my Master leaves, she will never turn back unless that son of a b*tch Left Emissary comes crawling back to my Master, kowtows and admits to his mistakes!"

    Upon hearing this brazen statement, the two Secret Order disciples could not contain their laughter. Their eyes were filled with disdain, clearly placing no importance over whatever Zi Yun had just said.

    The Secret Order will ask them to return? What a joke!

    What right does someone who has failed the assessment have to set foot into the Secret Order?

    "Zi Yun, let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun calmly remarked with her back against Zi Yun, "It's getting late. I'm hoping to reach the bottom of the mountain before it gets dark."

    "Yes, Master." Zi Yun sent the Secret Order disciples one last glare before he turned towards Gu Ruoyun and approached her. He then noticed that Chu Luo had remained still and sent her a fierce glare as well. "What are you still standing around here for? As they say, we need to live with dignity. It's not like our Master can't live without that inheritance so why must she tolerate this humiliation? Even if my powers are weak as I'm only a cultivator in the exceptional state and I cannot be compared with a great organization like the Secret Order. However, I can be lofty and unyielding too! The Secret Order is just too infuriating!"

    Chu Luo stared blankly at Zi Yun's furious features. She does not know why but at this moment, she felt as if he...

    Has so much spirit!

    "I never thought that despite your weak powers, your aura would still be quite strong." Chu Luo turned around and did not look at Zi Yun at all, concealing the blush on her face. "From now on, I'm not going to tease you over your inferior powers nor will I bully you anymore."

    At this moment, Zi Yun was boiling over with rage so he missed the peculiar look on Chu Luo's face. He scoffed coldly and said, "Good that you know. Our Master is such a powerful figure, on what grounds do these people have to insult her? They're only the Secret Order! What's so great about them? Sooner or later, the Devil Sect will surpass the Secret Order!"
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