Chapter 1351: Kept Outside (5)

    Chapter 1351: Kept Outside (5)

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    The two Secret Order disciples who had remained silent could not help but burst into laughter when they heard Zi Yun's claims.

    "Don't worry, the Secret Order won't be begging for your return but you'd better not let us hear you humiliate Lord Left Emissary anymore. Otherwise, the members of the Secret Order won't ever let you get away with it."

    Actually, these two disciples might not have viewed Gu Ruoyun and her group with disdain if the Left Emissary had not led Wen Ya into the Secret Order first. As the Left Emissary never mentioned about anyone else following him, they had assumed that Gu Ruoyun was trying to take advantage and enter the Secret Order illegally.

    Why should they treat this illegal disciple with courtesy?

    "Zi Yun, Chu Luo, let's go."

    Gu Ruoyun did not hesitate any longer as she issued her command and descended the mountain...


    At this moment, an elder who was sitting with his eyes closed in meditation in the elder's chamber of the Secret Order instantly opened his eyes when he heard the report from the man in front of him. Even his breathing quickened, "Are you saying that the kid, Mu Chu 1  , has brought the winners of the assessment into the Secret Order?"

    This means that he would soon be able to meet the Sacred Lady's daughter!

    "Reporting to the elder, Lord Left Emissary has indeed returned with a few citizens from the outside world. Allow me to be so bold as to guess that those people are the winners of the assessment."


    The elder's eyes flickered, "Get the Left Emissary to bring the winners of the assessment into the main hall to see me. I will be heading over now."

    "Understood, elder."

    The man joined his fists before he withdrew from the room.

    "Even though the Clan Leader intends to test the Sacred Lady's daughter, I must receive her properly as she has journeyed from far away so she would be left with a deep impression. Once the Sacred Lady returns, perhaps I can get the Sacred Lady's good favor out of this."

    Elder Tianren quickly headed out of the elder's chamber at the thought of this. His hurried pace carried a sense of urgency but most of it was a sense of anticipation.


    The Secret Order's main hall does not carry the resplendence and magnificence of the organizations in the world outside. Instead, it displayed a taste of ancient charm.

    At this moment, only two people were seated on chairs at the side passageway of the empty main hall.

    "Lord Left Emissary, you say that Elder Tianren wishes to see me?" There was a graceful smile on Wen Ya's face but one could see her excitement in her eyes.

    After all, Elder Tianren was an elder of the Secret Order and his status was on par with the Governor of First City.

    "That's correct." A puzzled look flashed in the Left Emissary's eyes. "Elder Tianren has indeed asked me to bring you here to meet him but I don't know what this is about. After all, the Clan Leader holds Elder Tianren in the highest regard. His status is exceptionably noble and even my Master would need to show courtesy to him."

    The noble Elder Tianren wants to see Wen Ya?

    The LEft Emissary furrowed his brows, clearly unsure about the situation before him.

    Just as the two were in the middle of their conversation, an elderly figure slowly appeared from outside the main hall, coming into view.

    At the same time, Elder Tianren also noticed Wen Ya who was sitting right next to the Left Emissary. His eyes filled with excitement.

    "I had asked someone to inform the Left Emissary to bring the winners of the assessment to see me yet he has only brought one woman. If my guess is correct, this woman should be the Sacred Lady's daughter!" Elder Tianren thought it over for a while and was just about to walk up to her when he furrowed his brows. "But her age doesn't seem to be correct, the Sacred Lady's daughter is only around twenty-four years old yet this woman has clearly reached thirty. Could it be that the Sacred Lady's daughter has gone through so much hardship over the years so she looks older than her actual age?"

    Elder Tianren mulled it over for a while and could only come up with this one possibility. He then discarded the thought from his mind and smiled at Wen Ya as he approached her.
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