Chapter 1352: The Secret Orders Plea (1)

    Chapter 1352: The Secret Order's Plea (1)

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    "I believe that this woman must be the victorious genius of this round's assessment."

    Elder Tianren flashed a kind smile on his face as he looked at Wen Ya and spoke in an amicable manner, "I've heard of your name before and now that I've met you, I can see that you are indeed young and talented. You've managed to break through all the tests set by the Secret Order and successfully defeated the other talents to come here today."

    The Left Emissary was a little shocked. When had the proud Elder Tianren ever been so amiable? Besides, he also mentioned that he had heard of Wen Ya before?

    When did Wen Ya ever become so famous?

    The Left Emissary could not help but turn towards Wen Ya with a peculiar look in his eyes.

    "Elder, you are too kind."

    Wen Ya quickly rose to her feet. A graceful smile played on her face and she looked absolutely bewitching as she stared back at him charmingly, "It is my honor to be able to enter the Secret Order. After all, I have long heard of the Secret Order's great name before this so when I heard about the Secret Order's assessment, I immediately went to participate. Who would have thought that I would have the good fortune to successfully receive the right to enter the Secret Order."

    Hearing this, Elder Tianren nodded in satisfaction. This little girl is indeed the Sacred Lady's daughter. Neither servile or overbearing nor is she anxious or impatient. She can retain her composure even when faced with a member of the Secret Order, to have such character at such a young age is very rare.


    Elder Tianren burst into laughter as he stroked his beard and exclaimed, "Not bad, not bad at all. A genius like you is just what the Secret Order needs. Gu girl, you must expand your capabilities as much as you can in the Secret Order. The Secret Order certainly won't overlook a true genius!"

    Wen Ya's body stiffened instantly when she heard Elder Tianren's remark and the smile on the corner of her lips instantly disappeared.

    Gu girl?

    The Left Emissary was in shock. His mind was momentarily stuck as he turned towards Elder Tianren in astonishment and murmured awkwardly, "Elder, you've got the wrong person. Her first name isn't Gu, she's Wen Ya who had obtained the second place in the assessment."

    "What did you say?"

    Elder Tianren was shocked. His elderly features sank instantly as he turned his sharp gaze towards the Left Emissary.

    At this moment, why should he display his once amiable demeanor?

    "So you didn't escort the champion of this assessment?"


    The Left Emissary's forehead was drenched in cold sweat, momentarily unsure of how to make an explanation.

    "Hmph!" Elder Tianren noticed that the Left Emissary was tongue-tied and scoffed icily. He then straightened his sleeves and replied coldly, "I had wanted to meet the champion of this round's assessment, Gu Ruoyun! Why had you brought the second place winner to me for? Where is Gu Ruoyun? I want to see her!"

    Wen Ya's eyes flicked and she smiled, "Please calm down, elder. Gu Ruoyun was delayed as she had some other matters to attend to. Hence, I had come here first with Lord Left Emissary. I was not aware that you had wanted to meet Gu Ruoyun. If you want to see her, I expect that she should arrive around two days' time."

    Most people, in general, would be greatly angered after being mistaken for another person.

    However, Wen Ya was not like that.

    Even if her heart was spitting fire, she had forced it all down. After all, this was the Secret Order's territory and not the Wen family's place! When faced with the elders from the Secret Order, she had to put her best foot forward! This way, even if Gu Ruoyun was this round's champion, she could not defeat Wen Ya in the Secret Order.
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