Chapter 1353: The Secret Orders Plea (2)

    Chapter 1353: The Secret Order's Plea (2)

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    "Left Emissary, I want you to give me an explanation now! Where's Gu Ruoyun?"

    Elder Tianren's expression was dark, cold and terrifying as he released the aura from his body, suffocating everyone in sight. "You should know that anyone who wishes to enter the Secret Order must go through Deity Peak. Deity Peak is littered with countless spiritual beasts. She's at the exceptional state so how is she going to enter the Secret Order easily? Do not forget your duties as the Secret Order's emissary!"

    The more Elder Tianren thought about it, the angrier he felt. If anything happens to the Sacred Lady's daughter in the Secret Order, when the Sacred Lady returns, the sky and the earth would turn upside down in the Secret Order!

    "Elder," The Left Emissary gritted his teeth. "I had intended to bring Gu Ruoyun to the Secret Order but she informed me that she had some last minute business so she would arrive a little later. I thought about escorting Wen Ya to the Secret Order first before meeting Gu Ruoyun at Deity Peak again. Now that Wen Ya has arrived, I will descend the mountain to fetch Gu Ruoyun. I assume that she should have just arrived at the foot of the mountain."

    Elder Tianren nodded and replied with an apathetic look on his face, "Gu Ruoyun is the champion of the Secret Order's assessment. We have the responsibility to take good care of her. She is also a crucial figure this round. If she runs into any unexpected misfortune, I will hold you solely responsible."


    The Left Emissary wiped the sweat off his brow, joined his fists and replied.

    "Wen Ya." Elder Tianren turned towards the woman in yellow robes behind him. His tone was indifferent and did not contain any trace of his previous warmth, "Now that you have entered the Secret Order, you must abide by the Secret Order's institutional regulations! Should you ever make any offense, I don't care whether the Wen family is on the Governor's side, the Secret Order would not spare you so easily! As for the matter concerning your masquerade as Gu Ruoyun, I will not quibble with you! If you do it again, you won't be let off so easily!"

    Wen Ya's expression changed a little and her heart filled with jealousy and hatred. Unfortunately, she could not do anything to Gu Ruoyun right now and could only let her jealousy and hatred engulf her heart.


    When have I ever masqueraded as Gu Ruoyun?

    Elder Tianren was the one who had clearly mistaken me for another person without even clarifying! Especially since the person he had mistaken me for was my most hated enemy!

    "Yes, Elder, I understand."

    Regardless of how unsatisfied she felt, Wen Ya did not have to courage to speak up. She lowered her eyes and face as she replied meekly.

    "Left Emissary." Elder Tianren turned away in satisfaction after hearing Wen Ya's reply and placed his gaze on the Left Emissary once again. He then continued in a cold voice, "I'll give you one day to bring Gu Ruoyun to see me. If you do not bring her here in one day, don't even think about seeing me again!"

    "As you wish."

    The Left Emissary joined his fists and lowered his head as he replied with reverence.


    In a lonely guest house located at the foot of Deity Peak.

    At this moment, Gu Ruoyun was sitting in front of a table, absent-mindedly sipping on a cup of tea in a room in the guest house. Her face was as cold and indifferent as ever and not a single trace of emotion could be seen.

    "Master, are we really going to leave just like that?"

    Chu Luo still found it unacceptable. After all, they had gone through so many trials and tribulations to obtain such a good opportunity.

    Was her Master really going to give up, just like that?

    "What, then?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brows, "The disciples of the Secret Order have blocked my entry into the Secret Order. Are you planning to fight your way in? It's late now so you and Zi Yun better get some rest. We will leave first thing tomorrow."

    Chu Luo looked rather confused. Before she could speak, Zi Yun tugged her arm and exclaimed angrily, "Haven't you suffered enough humiliation? I've already explained it to you back at the Secret Order's gate, we do not stand for things like this! Since our Master has decided that we are leaving tomorrow, we shall leave first thing tomorrow morning! Besides, the Secret Order will regret this decision one day!"
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