Chapter 1356: The Secret Orders Plea (5)

    Chapter 1356: The Secret Order's Plea (5)

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    "Little girl, is this the fellow who's been bullying you?"

    Suddenly, an indolent and demonic voice slowly rang out from the night sky. It rang in everyone's ear like a sexy demon's voice.

    Zi Yun turned around in astonishment and stared at the purple-robed man standing next to Gu Ruoyun. He blinked dazedly, unable to comprehend when this fellow had appeared.

    The man was dressed in dark reddish-purple robes under the night sky. There was a demonic-looking smile on his handsome face and his cold, purple eyes were filled with murderous intent. He smiled viciously at the white-robed man in front of him as his body emitted an eerily cold and murderous air.

    "Zixie, send our guest away."

    Gu Ruoyun stared indifferently at the Left Emissary as she spoke in a clear and cold voice.

    "Don't worry, leave this to me." Zixie chuckled softly while he slowly approached the Left Emissary. He released a powerfully eerie aura with every stride, making it difficult for anyone to move.

    His long, purple robes rippled under the night breeze. The man's every move carried a sense of nobility like an ultimate and perfect god. To even glance at him one more time would be blasphemous.

    "This little girl is mine." Zixie curled the corners of his lips but his smile did not reach his eyes. A sharp, demonic air had filled the depths of his purple eyes. "I will never allow anyone to bully her."

    A sense of terror appeared in the Left Emissary's gaze as he stared at the demonic-looking man who appeared from thin air and asked cautiously, "Who are you?"

    "You're not fit to know my name."

    Zixie's eyes swept towards the Left Emissary. Even that one look made his heart tremble and he could not help but stumble backward.

    This man is very powerful!

    His powers are at least at the rank of the elders.

    How could Gu Ruoyun possibly have such a powerful cultivator by her side?

    The Left Emissary's heart gradually entered an all-time-low. He finally understood how this woman had managed to walk out of the fifth level of the training pagoda alive. It was because of this man's existence!

    His eyes turned towards Gu Ruoyun at the thought of this as he smiled icily, "Gu Ruoyun, this man comes from unknown origins. I assume that your success in obtaining the title of champion in this competition must have been connected to him in some way! However, you had not put his name in the competition so he could only have helped you from the outside. The Secret Order's competition does not allow the use of any outside helps so you've cheated in this competition! I will report this matter to the elder once I return to cancel your right to the inheritance."

    As long as he could catch hold of the fact that she had cheated, even if he did not manage to escort her back, he had an explanation for the elders.

    "Would you like for me to send you off or are you going to leave on your own?" Zixie stared domineeringly down at the white-robed man as murderous intent gradually boiled within his body. He then curled his lips into an eerily cold smile, "If you want me to send you off, I'd have to apologize first, I'm not very gentle."

    Aside from Gu Ruoyun, everyone else before him was like ants, highly dispensable.

    If Gu Ruoyun had not stopped him from killing this man, the white-robed man would have been turned into a corpse by now.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you've had your chance, your refusal to come back with me to the Secret Order will be your loss. By then, I hope you won't regret this!" The Left Emissary's eyes sank as he spoke icily.

    He then turned around and left without any hesitation. He moved as swiftly as the wind, afraid that Zixie would catch up to him, and disappeared in an instant...
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