Chapter 1358: The Secret Orders Plea (7)

    Chapter 1358: The Secret Order's Plea (7)

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    The Secret Order's elders' chamber was filled with ripples of powerful aura. The old man, who was seated on the ground in cultivation, slowly opened his eyes. He then looked at the man who had pushed the door and entered the room before exclaiming indifferently, "You've returned? What about the task I've given you? Where's Gu Ruoyun?"

    A vicious light flashed in Left Emissary's eyes when he remembered Gu Ruoyun's rudeness to him but he did not show it on his face. Instead, he spoke reverently, "Elder, I believe that Gu Ruoyun has broken the rules of the competition and is not suitable to fulfill the expectations of a winner. Hence, I'd like to ask you to abolish her rights as the champion! You should place Wen Ya as the champion instead!"

    Elder Tianren's elderly face slowly turned cold as he replied icily, "Did you say that she has broken the rules of the competition?"

    "That's right." The Left Emissary nodded and replied seriously. "Yesterday, when I had gone to escort Gu Ruoyun to the Secret Order, she had used some man who had appeared out of nowhere to stop me. However, she had only registered as a group of five for the competition. Therefore, that man was clearly an outsider whom she had invited to help her. Please, Elder, pass your judgment on this transgression."


    Elder Tianren scoffed icily as he looked at the Left Emissary in a cold and distant manner, "You mean to say that Gu Ruoyun had outside help? Why had you not realized this during the competition and now you claim to say that she's broken the rules of the competition? Could it be that this is how you judge the competition after the Secret Order sends you off as a referee? It's been so many days since the competition, even if another powerful cultivator appears by her side, it does not mean that she had used this cultivator to compete! Mu Chu, you've really let me down this time."

    The elder shook his head and sighed. His expression was clearly filled with disappointment.

    The higher the hope, the greater the disappointment! This was exactly how Elder Tianren now feels!

    Prior to this, he had intentions of nurturing the Left Emissary very well. After all, the Left Emissary's talents in the Secret Order were outstanding and he was usually very fair in managing other matters. Unfortunately, he could sense the Left Emissary's prejudice against Gu Ruoyun at this moment.

    He does not know where this prejudice had come from but he understands that Mu Chu no longer has the right to take on the position of the Left Emissary.

    "Mu Chu, come with me. We shall pay Gu Ruoyun a visit." Elder Tianren slowly rose to his feet, stared coldly at Mu Chu and said, "I know that you must be very puzzled over why the Secret Order had organized this assessment. I understand what you're thinking. However, since Gu Ruoyun is the champion of this assessment, she must accept this inheritance! Even if you have the intention of helping Wen Ya receive this inheritance, that fact will never change!"

    Elder Tianren's voice paused before he continued, "Furthermore... When we return, you will unburden yourself of the position as the Left Emissary. Get some rest for a few months and we'll talk again then."

    He shook his head and his voice carried an unmistakable sense of sympathy.

    Mu Chu's body stiffened and his handsome face instantly turned very pale. He lowered his head, temporarily unsure of what to say.

    "I know that you find this unacceptable but such are the rules of the Secret Order! Your behavior is unjust and you've already broken the Secret Order's rules! If this reaches the Clan Leader's ears, you might even receive a more severe punishment."

    Elder Tianren stared at Mu Chu indifferently as he spoke in a cold and distant voice.

    If this reaches the Clan Leader's ears, Mu Chu would only need to face punishment. However, if the Sacred Lady finds out that her daughter had received unfair treatment in the Secret Order, it was likely that Mu Chu's life will be used as an explanation!

    "Yes, Elder, I understand."
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