Chapter 1359: The Secret Orders Plea (8)

    Chapter 1359: The Secret Order's Plea (8)

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    Mu Chu lowered his head while his hands, which were hanging by his tights, tightened their grip.

    He knows that he has indeed broken the rules this time. However, he does not regret it since he had done it to help the Wen family!

    More importantly, Gu Ruoyun's older brother had the audacity to use Yue'er's kindness to esscape. He would never spare the two siblings simply because of this! Otherwise, if Gu Ruoyun was allowed to grow, Yue'er would be in danger!

    He does not want this to happen which was why he had broken the Secret Order's rules and acted unfairly.

    "Let's go."

    Elder Tianren laughed bitterly. Mu Chu may not be his disciple but he had watched him grow. However, he never thought that he would have done something so disappointing now. It looks like he would have to urge his Master to watch over this kid very carefully in case he continued to treat Gu Ruoyun so unfairly.


    Once Mu Chu had left, Gu Ruoyun knows that the members of the Secret Order would return once again. Besides, they would not send only an emissary like Mu Chu. However, she never expected the members of the Secret Order to reappear so quickly. Furthermore, the person who had arrived would be an elder of the Secret Order.

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised her brow and stared at the Secret Order's elder as she slowly walked towards him. She curled the corners of her lips as a smile appeared in her dark eyes and her voice was clear and cold as ever.

    "The members of the Secret Order have already visited once. I never thought that you would come again. May I ask what business do you have with me?"

    Even though Gu Ruoyun was already aware of the old man's intentions, she still asked the question despite already knowing the answer. A cold light flashed in her smiling eyes as she stared with a fixed smile at the old man who was seated in front of the table, sipping his tea.

    "Are you Gu Ruoyun?"

    Elder Tianren carefully observed Gu Ruoyun. The more he observed, the more shocked he felt.

    This woman was indeed the Sacred Lady's daughter, she was an exact copy of her likeness! The only difference was, in contrast with the Sacred Lady's icy cold air, this woman was as lofty and unyielding as a bamboo tree. Her clear and cold gaze carries a subtle sense of pride.

    "That's right." Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely yet her eyes pierced at Mu Chu who was standing behind Elder Tianren. "What? I had just chased the younger generation of the Secret Order away so are you here to avenge him?"

    Elder Tianren gently furrowed his brows and glanced at Mu Chu who was standing right behind him. As Elder Tianren had rushed over, he had not questioned him in detail about what had happened.

    Hence, after hearing what Gu Ruoyun had said, he was puzzled. What exactly happened between the two of them which would cause Gu Ruoyun to view him with such enmity?

    "Mu Chu, explain this to me, what on earth is going on!" Elder Tianren's expression sank. "I had asked you to escort the Gu girl to the Secret Order. What had you done which would cause her to chase you away? Furthermore, you've even returned and blamed her for cheating in the assessment?"

    Mu Chu's expression changed drastically and a cold light flashed in his eyes, "Elder, I did pay her a visit to escort her into the Secret Order but she had refused. I did not raise any dispute with her. Please pass your judgment fairly, Elder."

    As he spoke, Mu Chu continued to send warning looks at Gu Ruoyun. He has obviously forgotten about the powerful shock Zixie had given him.

    After all, if the Elder were to find out about what he had really done, he would not be simply dismissed as the Left Emissary. He might have to endure a much heavier punishment. Hence, he could only ask Gu Ruoyun to help him bout this time...
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