Chapter 1360: The Secret Orders Plea (9)

    Chapter 1360: The Secret Order's Plea (9)

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    "Lord Left Emissary, is there something wrong with your eyes?" Zi Yun looked at the Left Emissary's actions and laughed icily, "You're sending my Master meaningful looks. What's this about? If there's something wrong with your eyes, please go back and see a physician for medication. Don't come here and obstruct others."

    The Left Emissary's expression changed once again because he could already sense Elder Tianren's increasingly cold aura. A layer of sweat formed on his forehead. Nevertheless, he did not dare to make any more moves as he quickly lowered his head and looked at his feet.

    Elder Tianren glared icily at the Left Emissary before turning towards Gu Ruoyun. He then spoke with a light, breezy voice, "Gu girl, can you explain to me what this child, Mu Chu, had done to offend you and caused your refusal to accept this inheritance?"

    "The Left Emissary has never offended me."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently and her voice was as clear and cold as ever.

    Mu Chu lifted his head in disbelief and stared in astonishment at the delicate and pretty face. Clearly, he had not expected Gu Ruoyun to stand up for him at a time like this. The shock in his heart was unimaginable.

    Only Zi Yun continued to carry his disdainful smile. During the past half year, he had already managed to grapple with Gu Ruoyun's true personality. This woman has always been the type of person who would avenge a grudge and repay any kindness. She would never let herself lose out!

    Otherwise, Chu Luo would never have fallen into her hands.

    Chu Luo had really got the wrong end of the bargain then. She was interested in Qianbei Ye and had run towards the palace day and night. Not only was she unable to get a glimpse of Qianbei Ye's face, she had also offended Gu Ruoyun. She then ended up losing her freedom for the rest of her life because of Gu Ruoyun's poison.

    Hence, why would Gu Ruoyun let Mu Chu, who had committed so many offenses, off the hook so easily? Much less about her standing up for him.

    "Gu girl, are you sure that he has never offended you?"

    Elder Tianren was rather shocked this time. Initially, when he heard Gu Ruoyun's words, he had assumed that Mu Chu had done something which had caused her to fly into a terrible rage and had him chased out. However, why was she now saying that the offender has never antagonized her?

    "It's true that the Left Emissary hasn't offended me." Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders. "Even though he had accidentally sent me to the fifth level of the training pagoda, that was part of the assessment. I was just particularly unlucky but that's alright. It's very normal for things like this to happen in an assessment. It was a good thing that I had managed to leave unscathed. As for the Left Emissary leaving us behind, that's because he had some urgent matters to attend to and had left early. I can understand that as well, anyone can run into some last minute business, right? This time, my luck was not like Wen Ya's to be able to run into the Left Emissary along the way and smoothly enter the Secret Order through the Left Emissary's escort."

    One should not assume that Gu Ruoyun was explaining the situation favorably for the Left Emissary. In reality, she was exposing everything he had done.

    After listening to Gu Ruoyun's statement, Elder Tianren's elderly face grew even colder and distant. A powerful aura was beginning to envelop his body.

    "Furthermore..." Gu Ruoyun paused and looked at the ashen-faced Left Emissary before she continued with a tight smile, "The Left Emissary's memory isn't too good. After entering the Secret Order, he had forgotten to instruct the two disciples guarding the Secret Order's gate. As a result, I had been kept outside. However, I can understand this as well. After all, he has a beautiful woman like Wen Ya in his grasp so how could he possibly remember anything else? As for his earlier visit, there's the matter of him asking me to follow him back to the Secret Order or he would show me grief..."

    "Mu Chu!"

    Before Gu Ruoyun could finish speaking, the Elder roared loudly and frightened Mu Chu so much that he threw himself kneeling to the ground. Cold sweat poured profusely down his body as terror filled his eyes.
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