Chapter 1362: The Secret Orders Plea (11)

    Chapter 1362: The Secret Order's Plea (11)

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    Now, Elder Tianren could not understand how Mu Chu has become so selfish?

    "Mu Chu, once we return to the Secret Order, you may accept your punishment on your own."

    Elder Tianren has figured out the answer based on the expression on Mu Chu's face. He shook his head in disappointment before he straightened his sleeves and turned towards Gu Ruoyun. Elder Tianren smiled calmly as he said, "Gu girl, it was indeed a member of the Secret Order's mistake. He will be punished severely once we return to the Secret Order so I hope that you will still enter the Secret Order to accept the inheritance, alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun laughed, "The Secret Order were the ones who had organized the assessment so I had participated. However, I never thought that the Secret Order would go back on your word after I had passed the assessment, you even kept me outside your gate! If this is how the Secret Order works, I don't want to be a part of the Secret Order at all!"

    Elder Tianren stared coldly at Mu Chu who was kneeling behind him before he turned away again. His eyes no longer held the cold and distant air that he used when faced with others.

    "Gu girl, consider it as a favor to me. Please forgive the Secret Order this time. After all, it was Mu Chu who had committed the mistake. He had gone against the Secret Order's rules and committed a sin which cannot be erased. I certainly won't let him off so easily."

    This girl was the Sacred Lady's daughter. If any misunderstandings were to arise between her and the Secret Order and the Sacred Lady were to find out about it, forget about the kid, Mu Chu, many others in the Secret Order would also be finished! Therefore, at this moment, Elder Tianren was dearly hoping that he could have Gu Ruoyun's forgiveness.

    "It's not like I can't forgive the Secret Order." Gu Ruoyun paused as a clear and cold light flashed in her eyes. "I can forget about Mu Chu trying to hurt me time and time again but after all of that, not only had he provoked me, he had even hurt my subordinate! I want him to apologize to my subordinate and allow them to vent their frustrations on him! I won't set foot in the Secret Order unless their anger has been fully appeased!"

    She had insisted on this!

    Though she had waited for the members of the Secret Order to arrive because she could not completely give up on this inheritance, she would not suffer in silence for the sake of it!

    If the Secret Order insists on covering up their mistakes, there was no point for her to go to such a place.

    "Gu Ruoyun, you's better not be so insatiable!"

    Mu Chu's eyes were spitting fire as he glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun and roared furiously, "You want me to apologize to these two, there's no way for that to happen at all!"

    The Secret Order's rules were indeed very strict but as a disciple of the Secret Order, Mu Chu's heart has some degree of pride!

    His pride would not allow him to lower his head and apologize to anyone!

    Especially since those two were Gu Ruoyun's subordinates! If he really does apologize, that means that she would have kicked him while he was down. How could the usually proud Mu Chu endure this?

    "Gu girl, I can make Mu Chu apologize to you and also leave you to vent your frustrations. However, I'm afraid that these two subordinates..."

    Elder Tianren was a little hesitant as well. He does not have any objection when it comes to Mu Chu apologizing to Gu Ruoyun.

    She was the Sacred Lady's daughter after all!

    However, those two were only her subordinates with lowly positions. Regardless of how great Mu Chu's mistakes were, he was still a disciple of the Secret Order. How could he apologize to those two?

    "I'm sorry, if the Secret Order can't do this, please leave." The smile on Gu Ruoyun's face gradually faded as she slowly rose to her feet and replied indifferently.
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