Chapter 1363: The Secret Orders Plea (12)

    Chapter 1363: The Secret Order's Plea (12)

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    "Even though I had stayed here and waited for the members of the Secret Order to arrive, I now think that I've made the wrong choice in doing this. I thought that the members of the Secret Order were reasonable people yet I never thought that they would insist on covering up their mistakes. I regret that I didn't leave sooner and had wasted my time here. Zi Yun, Chu Luo, make your preparations. We'll be leaving after this."

    She had her back towards Elder Tianren and her voice was light and casual with no signs of emotion at all.

    Elder Tianren's expression changed several times as if he never expected Gu Ruoyun to be so insistent. He fell silent and his thoughts were shrouded in mystery.

    "Master." Chu Luo had jumped in fright from Gu Ruoyun's response and glanced worriedly at the silent Elder Tianren before she quickly said, "It's a minor matter to me so there's no need for you to raise a dispute with the members of the Secret Order. The Secret Order has great power, especially this one, who is an elder of the Secret Order. If we offend him, I'm afraid..."

    Gu Ruoyun shot Chu Luo an indifferent look.

    Her one look made Chu Luo shut her mouth. She could only at her Master in a fidgety manner.

    "Chu Luo, I know that my methods in subduing you were not honorable." After a long pause, Gu Ruoyun slowly explained, "But you are someone on my side at least and I have the right to keep you from being wronged! While it's true that I want the inheritance or I would not have waited here for the members of the Secret Order! However..."

    She paused and laughed icily, "If the Secret Order is determined to let my people suffer, I don't mind giving up that inheritance! Perhaps I shouldn't have stayed here in the first place..."

    Chu Luo felt as if her heart had been hammered. She lowered her pretty eyes as a peculiar emotion flashed across them.

    She had never been happy with Gu Ruoyun from the very beginning!

    If she had not fallen for Gu Ruoyun's plot, she would not have lost her freedom for the rest of her life.

    Gu Ruoyun's display of her own abilities over the past few days had shocked Chu Luo thoroughly and caused her to respect her Master on a whole new level. Chu Luo has become more accepting of her Master but she was never sincerely convinced of Gu Ruoyun's intentions.

    Only now did her heart truly turn towards Gu Ruoyun!

    How many people have been yearning for the Secret Order's inheritance?

    How many people would give up on the inheritance for the sake of righting wrongs for an insignificant subordinate?

    She was probably the only one in the entire world who would be so aggressive and firm! She would give up on the Secret Order's inheritance! All for the sake of Zi Yun and her!

    "Zi Yun, Chu Luo, what are you standing around here for? Pack everything up and leave this place. It's no unfortunate event for us to miss out on the inheritance, my powers will rise through my own efforts sooner or later anyway."

    When Gu Ruoyun noticed that the two had remained dazed on the spot, she had furrowed her brows and calmly ordered.

    "Ah?" Zi Yun instantly reacted and quickly nodded, "Alright, I'll pack up and leave this place immediately."

    He then quickly turned around and began walking back to his room to pack.

    However, just as he lifted his feet to walk away, an elderly voice chimed in from behind him.

    "Hold it!"

    Zi Yun instantly paused and turned to face an exasperated Elder Tianren before he looked at Gu Ruoyun questioningly.

    Elder Tianren sighed. "Mu Chu, apologize."


    Mu Chu was shocked as if he never thought that Elder Tianren would make such a decision. He went into a daze, "El... Elder, what did you say?"


    Elder Tianren sighed and coldly ordered again.


    Mu Chu felt as if his head was going to split open. He was dumbstruck as he turned around foolishly, stared at Zi Yun and Chu Luo's offending features and spoke reluctantly, "Elder, you want me to apologize to them? On what grounds?"

    He has never been wronged like this in his entire life!
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