Chapter 1364: The Secret Orders Plea (13)

    Chapter 1364: The Secret Order's Plea (13)

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    "If you intend on returning to the Secret Order, you will apologize."

    Elder Tianren furrowed his brows as he repeated himself.

    This little girl was the Sacred Lady's daughter so her subordinates were also members of the Secret Order.

    Once Elder Tianren thought about it this way, he had felt much more at east. If Mu Chu were to apologize to the members of the Secret Order, it was not quite as humiliating.

    Of course, Mu Chu was not aware of Gu Ruoyun's identity so he would not think of it that way.

    His handsome face has gone entirely red as he glared furiously at Zi Yun and Chu Luo. His fists were tightly clenched and his entire body was trembling endlessly. In the end, he was forced to walk towards the two under Elder Tianren's sharp gaze. He then took a deep breath, bowed and said, "I'm sorry that I had been rude to you. I hope that you can both forgive me."

    At this moment, he felt completely powerless. His handsome face looked extremely uncomfortable and it was likely that in his entire life, he has never had to apologize to anyone.

    "Chu Luo, Zi Yun." Gu Ruoyun stared at the two dazed people, curled her lips indifferently and said, "You may pay him back for hurting the both of you."

    Even though Mu Chu had not managed to hurt Zi Yun because of Chu Luo's actions, he would have certainly ended up with heavy injuries if she had not taken the blow for him! Mu Chu's attack had been able to injure Chu Luo, who was at the refined state, as well.

    One could imagine how much force he had used to attack Zi Yun!

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes flickered as the corners of her lips curled into a cold smile. Her body was shrouded with a murderous intent.

    However, she knows that now was not the time to kill Mu Chu...

    "Hehe." Zi Yun looked at Mu Chu who had lowered his head in apology and laughed icily. "I never thought that the majestic Lord Left Emissary would apologize. Had you not barged into the guest house and haughtily insisted for my Master to leave with you? Where's your self-important attitude now? I really don't know what kind of bewitching potion Wen Ya has given you that you would do whatever she wants you to do. You would even break the rules of being a referee!"

    Each time Zi Yun recalled how this fellow had sent them all to the fifth level of the training pagoda for Wen Ya's sake, he would feel the urge to tear this b*stard into ten thousand pieces! If anything had happened to their Master in the training pagoda, he believes that Lord Qianbei would bathe the whole of First City in blood to avenge her death!

    Mu Chu bit his lips and did not say a word, leaving Zi Yun to scold him in a humiliating manner.

    For Yue'er, forget about enduring such insult. Even if he had to plunge into the eighteen levels of hell, he would not regret it!

    Hence, if he was given another chance, he would have done the very same thing even if he ended up failing again! At least he would have worked hard for Yue'er's happiness. That was enough!

    "Master, can I really let out my frustrations?"

    After berating Mu Chu, Zi Yun looked at Gu Ruoyun apprehensively as he asked, "If I hit him, will the Secret Order not make us pay for it?"

    Actually, knowing Zi Yun's testy nature, if Mu Chu had been anyone else, he would have made his move already!

    However, he was Mu Chu from the Secret Order so Zi Yun did not have the courage to do it! He was afraid that punching this fellow would draw the Secret Order's ire and drag his Master down in the process! After all, he was not on his own and could not make rash actions at will. He would need to consider his Master in everything he did.

    "This should be a question for the Elder of the Secret Order." Gu Ruoyun then shrugged her shoulders, turned towards Elder Tianren and said, "The Left Emissary had previously injured my subordinates so I must return this debt to him. I wonder if you have any objections, Elder?"
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