Chapter 1365: The Secret Orders Plea (14)

    Chapter 1365: The Secret Order's Plea (14)

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    Elder Tianren laughed bitterly as he thought,  objections? Do I have any objections?

    This girl is the Sacred Lady's daughter. If I had any objections and the Sacred Lady was to find out about that, I will have to accept the consequences!

    "Gu girl, if this were anyone else, I would never allow them to insult the Secret Order in that manner. However, since your party was the champion of the assessment, I will allow you to avenge this grudge. I only hope that you will do me a favor and not publicize this matter. Otherwise, the Secret Order will certainly lose face in the First City."

    Elder Tianren's eyes flickered as he slowly replied.

    He could never tell Gu Ruoyun the real reason why he had allowed this so he had used her status as the champion as an explanation. This way, it would also be enough to convince others.

    "Zi Yun, Chu Luo." Gu Ruoyun looked at the two behind her and cooly instructed, "Since the Elder has spoken, you may go ahead and avenge yourself on the wrongdoer however you wish! In the meantime, I have some matters to discuss with the Secret Order's Elder."

    Zi Yun shook and sent Elder Tianren a warning look, "Master, this fellow is from unknown origins. I worry about leaving you alone here."

    After all, Zi Yun does not have a good impression of the Secret Order because of Mu Chu's prior actions.

    "Zixie is with me so I won't be in any danger. You may leave while I discuss some things with the Secret Order's Elder." Gu Ruoyun curled her lips indifferently and looked at the elder before her with a forced smile.

    Zi Yun was about to speak when Chu Luo stopped him and hauled him out.

    The unfortunate Mu Chu was also dragged out at the same time.

    In less than a moment, they could hear Mu Chu's cries which were equivalent to a pig being slaughtered...

    "Tell me," Gu Ruoyun turned her attention to Elder Tianren and smiled calmly. "I reckon that the Secret Order isn't shielding me just because I'm the champion of the assessment. There must be some other reason and you don't need to use that kind of explanation to deceive me. I don't believe you."

    The Secret Order has strict rules and would never allow their members to break these rules in the outside world. Also, self-respect was more important than anything else to an organization like the Secret Order. This was why gu Ruoyun does not believe that Elder Tianren would allow Mu Chu to be beaten up just because she had won the championship title.

    Elder Tianren looked a little embarrassed. The Clan Leader had issued the order that she wanted to test this little girl. Hence, it was not possible for him to blurt the matter of the Sacred Lady to her.

    Besides, based on Gu Ruoyun's situation, she was probably not aware that she was the Sacred Lady's daughter.

    "Cough, cough." Elder Tianren coughed dryly at the thought of this and said, "Gu girl, do you know why the Secret Order had organized the assessment?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow, "How would I know anything about the Secret Order's matters?"

    Elder Tianren sighed gently and smiled bitterly. "Little girl, there is one thing that I can tell you very clearly. Each year, the Secret Order will grant the process to accept the inheritance to a few gifted and outstanding disciples. Even though they have received a remarkable increase in power after accepting the inheritance, those inheritance were actually failures."

    Gu Ruoyun's heart sank heavily. A failed inheritance process can still bring about such a huge change in power. If someone was to successfully receive the inheritance, how great would the changes be?

    "Little girl, this inheritance has been passed down from a powerful cultivator ten thousand years ago! It was also an item which the cultivator had managed to obtain after spending all of their attention on this vast mainland! However, it is unfortunate that the cultivator did not have the ability to use this inheritance for themselves and had left it here. The members of the Secret Order were ordered to watch over it before the cultivator disappeared."
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