Chapter 1369: Defiance (1)

    Chapter 1369: Defiance (1)

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    "Clan Leader, even though that little girl's talents are rather substantial and she's also the Sacred Lady's daughter, the Sacred Beast is very proud. How can it allow itself to be driven so easily? I feel that we shouldn't pile too much of our hopes on her."

    Elder Tianren furrowed his brows.

    While he truly admires that little girl, that does not mean that she has the power to steer the Secret Order's Sacred Beast! After all, this Sacred Beast has a very bad temper. It would only act more gentle in front of the Sacred Lady.

    The Clan Leader smiled calmly as she replied, "How will we ever know if she can't if we don't even try? She is Yu'er's daughter and her power would certainly surpass Yu'er so I'm very confident in her! Furthermore, Elder Tianren, for the sake of the little girl's test, you must not let anyone else find out about her identity as the Sacred Lady's daughter. You must not grant her any special treatment either! Otherwise, everyone else in the Secret Order will be able to find out the special characteristic of her identity. This would forfeit her test."

    "I understand," Elder Tianren took a deep breath and said, "I will do as you say, Clan Leader. Whether she gains the right to meet the Sacred Beast would depend on whether she can smoothly pass the test."

    After all, the Sacred Beast has a bad temper. If they hastily brought Gu Ruoyun to see it, it would be greatly angered!

    Hence, the Clan Elder had decided to test her first. Only when she has passed the test would she be able to meet the Sacred Beast.

    "Alright, you may retire." The Clan Leader waved her hand and spoke indifferently. "Once Gu Ruoyun has entered the Secret Order, there is no need to bring her to me in case anyone else accidentally finds out. I'd like to personally witness how powerful this little girl's abilities are! I have absolute confidence in her."

    The Clan Leader displayed a smile on her face and her words were filled with warmth.

    Obviously, she has high expectations of Gu Ruoyun. Besides, one should always keep the talents in the family, right? Dongfang Yu was her disciple after all. Naturally, she would hope that her daughter would succeed in taming the Sacred Beast!


    It was the next day at first light. The same two disciples were standing guard in front of the Secret Order's mountain gates. Both of them were a little excited because the usually secretive Elder Tianren has appeared and he seems to be waiting for someone.

    However, that did not stop the two disciples from trying to worm their way into being friends with Elder Tianren. After all, very few people have had the opportunity to meet one of the Secret Order's elders. If they could win this great elder's favor, perhaps they could leave the mountain gates and would no longer need to stand guard here.

    Elder Tianren, however, remained preoccupied. His eyes continued to stare at the bottom of the mountain and did not hear what the two fellows had been talking about at all. He only nodded his head indifferently and randomly murmured a few words in return.

    Despite that, those words had completely overwhelmed the two disciples who felt a great urge to rush towards him, bow and lick his feet.

    Initially, Elder Tianren had considered sending someone else to greet Gu Ruoyun but was afraid that some other blind fool would anger her again. Therefore, after considering it for a long while, he finally decided that it would be safer to step forward personally.

    Besides, as the champion of the assessment, it was natural that he should personally great the little girl. It would also not expose her identity.

    Just as Elder Tianren had been waiting anxiously, a few figures finally arrived very slowly. His eyes lit up as he quickly rushed forward to greet them.

    At the same time, the two disciples also noticed Gu Ruoyun approaching them and frowned.

    What is this fellow doing here again? Could it be that they've sworn not to give up on worming their way into the Secret Order? Besides, now that Elder Tianren is still here, if we accidentally allowed this fellow to enter the Secret Order, the elder would certainly punish us for our lapse in managing our duties!
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