Chapter 1372: Defiance (4)

    Chapter 1372: Defiance (4)

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    Upon hearing this, Wen Ya's expression instantly turned pale. She bit her lip as she tried to defend herself, "Gu Ruoyun, I admit that the Wen family has wronged your family but isn't your family reunited now? Gu Shengxiao is also now safe and sound so can't you spare me? If you help to get rid of the poison inside me, the Wen family can agree to help you stand on your own two feet in the Secret Order. Besides, my little sister is going to marry the Secret Order's emissary. With the addition of this connection, you never need to worry about suffering any abuse in the future."

    At this moment, Wen Ya was clearly not aware that Mu Chu was already being punished because of what he had done to Gu Ruoyun. Hence, she had said these things due to her ignorance.

    As soon as she had spoken, a murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

    Once Gu Ruoyun gets rid of the poison inside me, I will have other ways of getting rid of her!

    Now, each time I think about treating her unfavorably, my head would feel a pain as if someone was punching on my skull. Even my soul would feel a searing agony. So, as long as the poison is still inside me, I can never have my revenge for the rest of my life!

    "Wen Ya, next time you want to plot against me, you'd better put your vicious currents away." Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently. "Otherwise, the aura in your body would betray your own intentions. Besides, I'm not so stupid as to create trouble for myself. If I really want to cure you of your poison, I'm afraid that from now on, I'd have to face the Wen family's relentless assassination attempts! I'll never have a moment's peace!"

    Wen Ya's expression changed again. She stared at Gu Ruoyun in shock as if she never expected this little girl to see right through her intentions.

    "How great you are, Wen Ya. Even to this moment, you're still scheming against my Master." Zi Yun was angered and he glared furiously at Wen Ya, "How can my Master allow you to provoke her? Haven't you had enough after the lesson you've received in the arena? I really can't understand how someone like you refuses to repent at all. If you really end up defying my Master, no one can save you!"

    Lord Qianbei loves their Master deeply. How could he allow anyone to plot against her? If this reaches Lord Qianbei's ears, the entire Wen family would suffer a calamity!

    After all, that man's power was too horrifying. He has grown much too quickly and it was likely that it would not take too long before even the Great Protectors would be unable to match up with him.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I don't know what you're trying to say." Wen Ya put the emotions in her eyes away and smiled gracefully. "I merely want to ally myself with you! If we join forces, we would certainly stand firm in the Secret Order."

    At this moment, she no longer held the murderous intent in her eyes. It was replaced with a sense of sincerity.

    The cold smile in Gu Ruoyun's heart deepened. If she had not been aware of Wen Ya's personality for a long time, she might have been fooled by the sincerity in her eyes.

    Unfortunately, she knows this woman's sinister cruelty better than anyone else.

    Once she cures her of her poison, there would be countless troubles coming her way.

    She was confident that the Wen family would not be able to kill her but she could not destroy the entire Wen family either. Hence, in order to avoid trouble, she could never take the poison away!

    "Wen Ya, after the Wen family had torn our family apart, you should have known that you would have to pay the price for your actions sooner or later." Gu Ruoyun lifted her gaze and stared indifferently at Wen Ya. "Even ten years is not too late for someone to take vengeance. One day, I will make the Wen family disappear from this world."
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