Chapter 1374: Defiance (6)

    Chapter 1374: Defiance (6)

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    Zi Yun nodded after hearing what Gu Ruoyun had said. "I understand, Master. If anyone really dares to cause trouble, I'll show them the Devil Sect's might!"

    As soon as he had spoken, footsteps sounded from outside the courtyard. Gu Ruoyun turned around and immediately saw a group of people dressed in the Secret Order's attire walking in.

    The leader of the group was a young man. The space between his brows was filled with arrogance as he stared coldly at Gu Ruoyun's group in front of him.

    "Are you the champions of this round's assessment?" The young man swept his gaze from Gu Ruoyun to Zi Yun. He then looked at Chu Luo who was standing right behind Gu Ruoyun.

    Based on his observation, Chu Luo's power was the strongest amongst the three of them. She was the only one who has already entered the refined state!

    Hence, it was clear to him that Chu Luo was the this group's master.

    "I don't understand what the elders are doing these days. The inheritance belongs exclusively to the Secret Order yet they've allowed an outsider to accept it without offering any good reason! As a result, the Secret Order's outstanding disciples have lost their chance for nothing."

    The young man's tone of speaking clearly displayed his jealousy.

    He could be considered as one of the more outstanding the disciples in the Secret Order. Initially, he had the chance to obtain the inheritance yet these outsiders have now snatched his chance away! He would not have taken it so hard if this inheritance had fallen into another disciple's hand!

    "So, you think that outsiders should never be able to accept the inheritance?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brows calmly as she looked at the young man with a rigid smile.

    Based on Elder Tianren's explanation, a powerful cultivator had left this inheritance here on a temporary basis. He had then ordered the Secret Order to guard it but had not given the inheritance to the Secret Order's members. However, after so many years, the Secret Order has long turned the inheritance into an exclusive item and no one else was allowed to profane it!

    "Hmph!" The young man laughed icily and exclaimed haughtily, "That's right! This inheritance has always belonged to the Secret Order and none of you belong to the Secret Order. What right do you have to fight with the Secret Order's disciples over this inheritance?"

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "If you have any objections, you can speak to the Secret Order's Elders. After all, they were the ones who had organized the assessment. I was only lucky enough to receive the champion's title."


    The young man's expression changed drastically.

    Raise my concerns to the elder? Would I even have the courage? If I had the audacity, I wouldn't need to cause trouble for these people now, would I?

    "I have no interest in speaking to you!" The young man replied disdainfully and turned to look at Chu Luo who was right behind Gu Ruoyun. "You must be the Devil Sect's Master. Doesn't the Devil Sect have any rules? You've even allowed a subordinate cut into a conversation like that! If this were the Secret Order, no one would ever be allowed to say a single word during an elder's discussion! Otherwise, they would be severely punished! However, I find it hard to imagine that the Devil Sect would lack so much discipline!"

    Chu Luo eyed the young man as if she was looking at an idiot. Her exquisitely beautiful face then lit up with a disdainful smile, "Th Secret Order's members really are quite well-behanved, you can't even differentiate who the real master is before sprouting such brash accusations. The Devil Sect is just fine without having to learn from this kind of behavior."

    The young man's expression instantly turned as cold as ice. His haughty face then displayed a flaming rage.

    What is this fellow talking about?

    What does she mean by 'you can't even differentiate who is the master'?

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