Chapter 1375: Defiance (7)

    Chapter 1375: Defiance (7)

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    Suddenly, the young man returned to his senses and his handsome face turned rather unsightly. So, what this fellow means to say is that this puny exceptional state woman is their Master?

    His face turned extremely ashen at the thought of this as he turned defiantly towards Gu Ruoyun and asked in a dark voice, "Are you the Devil Sect's Master?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently and declined to provide a reply.

    The young man instantly reacted when he saw her smile . I've just acknowledged the wrong person!

    After all, most people would have assumed that the most powerful person would be the master while the rest who were weaker than her would be the subordinates! However, how could anyone have guessed that Gu Ruoyun, who was only a cultivator at the exceptional state, would have a cultivator at the refined state as her subordinate?

    "Hmph!" The young man returned to his senses with great difficulty and scoffed as he said, "Since you're the Devil Sect's Master, I want to have a competition with you! I certainly would like to see what kind of power you hold to be able to obtain the Secret Order's inheritance!"

    Each time he remembers how an outsider had obtained the chance to receive the inheritance, the young man would feel very annoyed and grit his teeth furiously. He felt a great urge to throw the entire group out of here!

    "What do you want to do?"

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent for a while before she asked indifferently.

    "It's simple, I want to challenge you!"

    The young man pointed at Gu Ruoun and raised his chin haughtily before he coldly exclaimed, "If you can't even defeat me, what right do you have to accept the Secret Order's inheritance? I want you to promise me that if you lose in this competition, you will leave the Secret Order and you will never be allowed to set foot in here again."

    Gu Ruoyun looked at the young man and asked, "And if I win?"

    "Hehe." The young man laughed icily and replied disdainfully, "If you defeat me, I will apologize to you for my rudeness today. Furthermore, I will run errands for you from then on."

    Which meant that if Gu Ruoyun could defeat him, he was willing to be made into her little brother.

    However, was this even a possible outcome?

    Gu Ruoyun was only at the late-stage of the exceptional state. He, on the other hand, has already stepped into the refined state not too long ago!

    There was a massive difference in power between the exceptional and the refined state, it would be quite impossible for her to surpass him.

    This was why the young man had dared to have such confidence.


    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and replied breezily, "I'll leave you to determine the time and venue."

    "Three days later." A cold light flashed in the young man's eyes as he stared dominantly down at Gu Ruoyun who was standing before him. "I'll give you three days to prepare. You are also allowed to back out during this time. As long as you back out, I will spare you with the condition that you must leave the Secret Order of your own accord."

    Who cares if this woman is the champion of the assessment? The people of the secular world are nothing but a pile of garbage! They can't be compared to a true genius from the Secret Order. Now that they've entered the Secret Order, I'll definitely make them understand what it means to be a true genius!

    Gu Ruoyun shrugged and smiled nonchalantly, "What about the venue of the contest?"

    "The Secret Order's tournament plaza." The young man's eyes flashed with arrogance, clearly viewing Gu Ruoyun as an insignificant being. "I will be waiting for you at the tournament plaza in three days. I will also make you understand the difference between a disciple from the Secret Order and an outsider like you."

    Chu Luo and Zi Yun's faces filled with rage when they heard what the young man had said. However, Gu Ruoyun did not give the order so they did not have the courage to charge forward irrationally, lest they end up causing even more trouble for her.
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