Chapter 1376: Defiance (8)

    Chapter 1376: Defiance (8)

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    "I will step forward in three days' time. If you have no other business, you can leave now."

    Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and stared at the young man with a smirk, "I'm aware that many of the Secret Order's members aren't satisfied with me winning the championship. Since that's the case, we can call upon a general tournament on that day. Anyone who feels unsatisfied with me can challenge me, everyone is welcome! Zi Yun, Chu Luo, let's go."

    After saying her piece, Gu Ruoyun turned around and walked back into her house.

    The door banged noisily as it closed, startling the young man back to his senses. His eyes turned icy cold and sour as he scoffed with an emotionless look on his face, "What extreme arrogance! She's only a woman at the late-stage of the exceptional state yet she wants to challenge so many of us? She has really overestimated her abilities, I'd love to see what kind of abilities she has!"


    News of the upcoming fight between Gu Ruoyun and the Secret Order's disciple instantly spread throughout the entire Secret Order.

    Not only had Wen Ya, who had arrived at the same time as Gu Ruoyun, found out about this, it has also reached the ears of the Clan Leader who had remained behind closed doors the entire time.

    A white-haired old woman was seated on the ground in the Clan Hall. Her eyes stared calmly at Elder Tianren before her as she spoke in a voice steeped with experience, "Elder Tianren, I heard that Yun Yan has challenged the Gu girl?"

    "That's right." Elder Tianren nodded. "Yun Yan would have had the chance to receive the inheritance this year yet the Gu girl had snatched that chance away unexpectedly. He could not accept it so he challenged the Gu girl and wants to use it as a means to force her out of the Secret Order. Clan Leader, should we stop this? After all, Yun Yan's power has reached the refined state while the Gu girl has only just entered the late-stage of the exceptional state."

    The Clan Leader fell silent and asked, "Has the Gu girl accepted the challenge?"

    Elder Tianren flashed a bitter smile when he heard this and sighed exasperatedly, "Now that you've mentioned this, I myself can't seem to understand what the Gu girl is thinking. If she had not accepted the challenge, she would still remain as the heir to the inheritance and no one can shake her from her position. Yet, she had insisted on accepting it. What if she loses to Yun Yan, how will things end then? Clan Leader, we must stop this competition before it starts! Otherwise, Gu Ruoyun might actually have to leave the Secret Order."

    Elder Tianren admires Gu Ruoyun very much because of her shocking level of talent.

    However, the difference between an early-stage refined state cultivator and a late-stage exceptional state cultivator was far too great. Not many can overcome this gap in power. By accepting this challenge, it was equivalent to Gu Ruoyun giving up her rights on the inheritance. Therefore, Elder Tianren felt very exasperated.

    "No." The Clan Leader thought for a moment before shaking her head. "Since the Gu girl has accepted this challenge, we shall sit back and observe the show. You don't need to stand up for her as I believe that Yu'er's daughter would have inherited her character. Besides, it's the perfect timing for us to assess the Gu girl's capabilities."

    The Clan Leader holds such a strong belief in Gu Ruoyun's capabilities mainly because she was Dongfang Yu's daughter.

    Elder Tianren was a little shocked at the Clan Leader's decision. However, since the Clan Leader has spoken, he did not say anything more. However, his heart was still full of worry and his elderly eyes filled with hesitation.

    "Elder Tianren, you may retire. Remember, there's no need to interfere in these matters. I believe that Yu'er's daughter has the ability to handle this." The Clan Leader paused before she continued, "Besides, if she can't even deal with these matters, do you really think she'll be able to accept the inheritance successfully?"
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