Chapter 1377: Defiance (9)

    Chapter 1377: Defiance (9)

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    Elder Tianren fell silent.

    After a long pause, he nodded, "You're right, Clan Leader, regardless of how powerful the Gu girl's talents are, I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to shoulder this responsibility if she can't even solve her own problems. I understand what should be done now."

    He joined his fists before he turned around to leave the Clan Hall.

    Once Elder Tianren has left, the Clan Leader closed her eyes once again and entered into her secret cultivation...


    Wen Ya, who was in the Secret Order disciples' living quarters, raised the teacup in her hand and gently took a sip. She then put it back down on the table. Her graceful face carried an unreadable light as her lips curled into an angle.

    "Is what you've said true? Gu Ruoyun has accepted the Secret Order disciple's challenge?"

    Upon hearing this, the young guard who was standing behind her joined his fists and said, "Reporting to you, my Lady. I have indeed heard the Secret Order disciples' discussion. It's likely that everyone in the Secret Order has heard of this matter. I had got the news from their own mouths. Also, Gu Ruoyun promised that if she lost the competition, she would leave the Secret Order on her own accord."

    Wen Ya's eyes flashed, "The Secret Order disciple who had challenged Gu Ruoyun, what state is he in?"

    The guard continued to report, "It is said that the Secret Order disciple has reached the refined state. He is a rare genius in the Secret Order as well!"


    The smile on Wen Ya's face deepened and she muttered to herself, "Gu Ruoyun, you rejected the offer to cooperate with me so you should be aware of this kind of situation! Wen Ying, where has the Left Emissary gone off to in the last few days? Did you manage to find out?"

    Upon hearing this, the guard who was addressed at Wen Ying eyed Wen Ya cautiously, "Eldest Lady, I've already investigated this. The Lord Left Emissary seems to have offended Elder Tianren and has been locked in confinement. I'm afraid that he won't be coming out any time soon."

    Locked in confinement?

    Wen Ya was shocked for a moment. She then threw this information out of her mind and slowly raised the corners of her lips. Her eyes carried a serene light, "Forget it, even without the Left Emissary's help, it would not be too difficult for me to stand firm in the Secret Order with my own abilities. Only that hateful Gu Ruoyun had actually dared to poison me and that is preventing me from having any venomous thoughts towards her or I would have to suffer an intolerable agony! However, one day, I will make her personally remove the poison from my body!"

    Wen Ya gritted her teeth. Even though her heart was filled with maniacal rage, she did not dare to curse Gu Ruoyun in her heart. Otherwise, once those thoughts appeared in her mind, she would feel an unbearably agonizing pain exploding in her mind.

    If she had not been limited by this poison, Gu Ruoyun not be of any match for her!

    Besides, that woman must be terrified of the Wen family or she would not have poisoned her otherwise!

    Of course, what Wen Ya does not understand was the Gu Ruoyun was not afraid of the Wen family. As long as she wants to escape, the Wen family would never be able to catch her. However, she could not neglect her family members who were on two different mainlands. She also does not want to constantly face this kind of trouble after drawing the Wen family's ire.

    Wen Ya took a deep breath as a light flashed across her eyes, "Wen Ying, you may retire. If you have any more information, come back and report to me."

    "Young Lady." Wen Ying fell silent. After a long pause, he slowly replied, "I've heard a rumor but I'm not sure if it's accurate. That's why I had hesitated to tell you."

    "Is it related to Gu Ruoyun?" Wen Ya raised her willowy brows.
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