Chapter 1379: The Challenge (1)

    Chapter 1379: The Challenge (1)

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    Three days later.

    A young man was holding his sword firmly in his hand as he stood in the Secret Order's tournament stage. His eyes were filled with disdain as he stared at Gu Ruoyun who was slowly walking towards him. He then raised the corners of his lips and said scornfully, "Gu Ruoyun, I thought you would retreat at the last minute. I never thought that you would have the courage and audacity to challenge me! Since that's the case, I will make you understand the price of your egotistical attitude!"

    Gu Ruoyun slowly stepped up the tournament stage amidst Yun Yan's disdainful sneers. Her green robes fluttered gently against the wind, making her resemble a tall and proud bamboo tree. The space between her brows was filled with a fresh, cool air.

    "Since I've agreed to the challenge, I would definitely keep my promise." Gu Ruoyun's eyes were just as cool and indifferent as ever as her gaze enveloped Yun Yan like the clear and cold light from the moon. It gave Yun Yan's heart a rather uncomfortable feeling.

    However, that feeling quickly disappeared and he quickly returned to his senses. He laughed icily as he said, "Gu Ruoyun, remember our promise. If you lose the competition, you must honor your word and leave the Secret Order!"

    The crowd watched as Yun Yan pointed his sword at Gu Ruoyun. His eyes were filled with arrogance as if Gu Ruoyun was of no importance at all.

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun smiled indifferently, "If I lose, I will leave immediately. However, if you lose, you must honor your word that from then on, you and your life shall belong to me!"


    The crowd burst into a sensation when they heard her words and their shocked stares gathered upon her figure.

    They have long been aware of Yun Yan and Gu Ruoyun's challenge but they never knew about this bet! If she lost, she would only have to leave the Secret Order but if Yun Yan became the loser, his life would then belong to her?

    Was there anyone in this world who was more malicious than this woman?

    Yun Yan's expression changed drastically as well, "I only promised to become your little brother, I never agreed to give my life to you. Stop making false accusations against me!"

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at him and gently raised the corner of her lips, "What's the difference between becoming my little brother and giving your life to me? It's fine if you don't agree, this fight will then end here! Zi Yun, Chu Luo, let's go."

    After Gu Ruoyun said her piece, she turned around and made to leave the arena.

    As the crowd watched the woman who was about to walk off the tournament stage, their cries could be heard.

    "Senior Brother Yun Yan, she's only a cultivator at the late stage of the exceptional state while you are already at the refined state. Besides, you also have a spiritual weapon in your hands. What are you afraid of? This woman is no match for you!"

    "She had said those things on purpose. She's probably regretting her decision in accepting the challenge and is trying to make you give up on your own. You must not fall for her trap! Make this woman understand the might of the Secret Order's disciples!"

    Yun Yan's expression slowly returned to normal from his initial ashen expression. He looked at Gu Ruoyun and exclaimed disdainfully, "Woman, you asked for this! I promise you that if I lose, I will give my life to you. Be it to kill me or cut off my flesh, it's up to you! However, since you're using my life as a bargaining chip, then I must have another in return!"

    He took a deep breath and spoke with a sharp look in his eyes, "If you lose, I don't need you to leave the Secret Order anymore. Instead... I want you to warm my bed!"

    As he spoke, Yun Yan raised his head and stared domineeringly down at Gu Ruoyun.
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