Chapter 1380: The Challenge (2)

    Chapter 1380: The Challenge (2)

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    "Warm your bed?" Gu Ruoyun's eyes narrowed instantly. Murderous intent began to explode around her body as she turned her clear and cold eyes to glare at the arrogant-looking Yun Yan. "Are you sure?"


    After hearing Yun Yan's demands, Zi Yun and Chu Luo were instantly enraged. Their rage began to spill over as they glared furiously at the young man in front of them.

    This damned bastard wants their Master to warm his bed? How could they not feel enraged at such an insult! It was especially hard for Zi Yun to tolerate as Qianbei Ye had placed Master in their care before he left. They have the responsibility to protect her in his stead.

    Now, he has to watch Gu Ruoyun being insulted by another. How could he tolerate this?

    "That's right!" Yun Yan laughed icily and turned his mocking gaze towards Gu Ruoyun. "If you want my life, I want you to warm my bed in return! These are our stakes. What? No guts to accept it?"

    He had made this decision not because he was interested in Gu Ruoyun but because this woman had wanted his life! Since she dared to humiliate him, he must make her pay tenfold! He will make her understand that the people of the Secret Order are not so easily abused!

    "If you want me to warm your bed, you must at least have that power!" Gu Ruoyun raised her lucid and cold eyes. Her vision focused upon Yun Yan as she exclaimed indifferently, "I accept your wager! The only thing is, I won't be giving you the opportunity to win."


    Yun Yan laughed maniacally. He finally stopped laughing after a long time as a disdainful smile appeared on his handsome face.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I'll let you make the first move! You can't possibly defeat me anyway."

    If this had been anyone else, they would certainly be more courteous to Yun Yan after hearing his declaration. However, Gu Ruoyun was not like most people so naturally, she attacked immediately without holding back.


    A small cluster of flames appeared in Gu Ruoyun's palm. She then reappeared in front of Yun Yan in a flash and her palm slammed fiercely on his head, carrying an aura which was similar to breaking a bamboo tree.

    Yun Yan laughed nonchalantly. His feet had remained perfectly still as he raised his hand leisurely to block Gu Ruoyun. However, in the next second, a heart-wrenching scream sounded. It pierced through the clouds and slammed against everyone's hearts.


    The scream made everyone jump in fright as they all lifted their heads in unison to look at Yun Yan who was screaming his head off. Some of them could not understand what was going on and asked dazedly, "Senior Brother Yun Yan, what's happening?"

    At this moment, Yun Yan was in so much pain that he could not speak. Cold sweat began to drip down his forehead and he stared at Gu Ruoyun with a pale look on his face as he spat, "What was that secret weapon you had concealed in your hand? Why do I feel such a piercing pain when I went up against your palm?"

    "You mean this?"

    Gu Ruoyun slowly opened her hand. In that instant, a small cluster of black flames appeared in her palm. They flickered and danced in the wind and looked as if they could be snuffed out by a small gust of wind.

    However, that piercing pain had felt so clear that Yun Yan did not dare to underestimate her anymore.

    "This is..."

    Elder Tianren had been observing the battle from a hidden location. He instantly rose to his feet and stared fixedly at the Nine Underworld Flames in Gu Ruoyun's hand. His elderly features were filled with shock followed by a strong sense of excitement.

    "Are those the Nine Underworld Flames? That's right, those are the Nine Underworld Flames! I never expected this little girl to have such good fortune and managed to obtain the Nine Underworld Flames!"
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