Chapter 1381: The Challenge (3)

    Chapter 1381: The Challenge (3)

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    The Nine Underworld Flames were legendary. It was said that the Nine Underworld Flames' power was exceedingly great. Once the flames were fully grown, they could instantly destroy an entire city! Amongst the many flames on the mainland, it was second only to the Ancient Divine Phoenix's Flames of World Devastation.

    However, the Ancient Devine Phoenix had disappeared many years ago. Perhaps he has never even existed in this world. Hence, when Elder Tianren noticed the flames in Gu Ruoyun's hand, he was so shocked that his face drained of color.

    Elder Tianren's expression began to change unpredictably at the thought of this but his eyes continued to stare fixedly at the flames in Gu Ruoyun's hand.

    In the beginning, he had no idea why the Clan Leader holds such a strong belief in her abilities. Now, after seeing the Nine Underworld Flames, his heart was filled with confidence. Even if Gu Ruoyun was at the exceptional state at the moment, that does not mean that she has no way of defeating Yun Yan who was at the refined state.

    If Yun Yan ever finds out what Elder Tianren was thinking, he would probably have gone mad with rage. After all, he was a disciple of the Secret Order yet an elder of the clan had actually placed his hopes on an outsider's victory?

    "I have truly underestimated Gu Ruoyun."

    A sharp, cold light flashed in Wen Ya's eyes as she stood in the crowd and stared icily at Gu Ruoyun who was at the tournament arena. She then slowly exclaimed, "I never thought that she would hold such a treasure in her hands. This time, perhaps Yun Yan will really go down."

    Upon hearing this, the guard behind Wen Ya was filled with shock. He finally spoke with reverence after a long pause, "Young Lady, since Gu Ruoyun holds such a precious treasure in her hand, why don't we use the Wen family's might and take it for ourselves?"

    Wen Ya raised her willowy brows and stared at Wen Ying indifferently. Her face was a little pale as she spoke in a calm voice, "What do you think the Nine Underworld Flames are? It's not a Divine Weapon. Once a Divine Weapon has recognized a master, that Divine Weapon would have no master if their master was killed. Flames are different. The Nine Underworld Flames could not be subdued by anyone but Gu Ruoyun had managed to easily obtain it. Now, these flames have already merged with her body. Even if we kill her, no one else could ever hold the Nine Underworld Flames after her."

    If Gu Ruoyun dies, the Nine Underworld Flames will vanish along with her.

    This was why Gu Ruoyun was bold enough to display the Nine Underworld Flames on the tournament stage.

    In life or death, the Nine Underworld Flames which she had subdued would only ever fight for her forever. Even if her soul was destroyed, the Nine Underworld Flames will never leave her physical body.

    "I admire Gu Ruoyun most for this, her luck is extraordinarily good." Wen Ya's heart was filled with jealousy. After all, Gu Ruoyun has managed to obtain a mystical object like the Nine Underworld Flames. How could Wen Ya not fall into maniacal jealousy?

    However, Wen Ya curbed her jealous feelings as she would never be able to take the Nine Underworld Flames away from Gu Ruoyun.

    In the tournament arena, Yun Yan was staring in shock at the dark blue-black flames in Gu Ruoyun's hand. He could not believe that these small, flickering flames had managed to hurt him.

    The assimilating temperature which the flames emitted has created a lingering fear in his heart. Even so, he was not willing to lose to Gu Ruoyun just like that. Besides, there were so many people watching him in this fight.

    If he were to lose, he would also lose his dignity in the Secret Order.

    Yun Yan gritted his teeth at the thought of this and said, "Gu Ruoyun, I admit that these flames are unlike any other kind of fire. However, you must be living a fool's dream if you think that you can use them to defeat me! This flame can't make up for the distance between a refined state cultivator and an exceptional state cultivator!"
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