Chapter 1383: The Challenge (5)

    Chapter 1383: The Challenge (5)

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    Forget about Yun Yan, even Elder Tianren, who had been watching the fight from the back, was shocked.

    At this moment, Gu Ruoyun was a thorough fool in everyone eyes! The opposition was utilizing a spiritual weapon in a fight against her but in the end, she had chosen a broken sword? Does she really believe she could depend on this sword to defeat Yun Yan?

    Yun Yan remained shocked for several seconds before he could not help but burst into scornful laughter. "Gu Ruoyun, have you run out of weapons to think of using a broken sword to fight against me? How very laughable! If you don't have any weapons, I don't mind lending you a hundred gold pieces so you can buy a weapon to your heart's satisfaction! In a fight like this, you're actually using a broken sword to go against me. If you're not living in a fantasy, you're looking down on me!"

    In Yun Yan's heart, by using a broken sword against him, Gu Ruoyun was looking down on his abilities by thinking that a broken sword could actually defeat him. This was an insult so how could the arrogant Yun Yan endure this?

    If he does not teach this little girl a lesson, he would never be able to quell his anger.

    Gu Ruoyun stared at Yun Yan indifferently. Her eyes were pure and cold, as if she paid no attention to Yun Yao's disdain.

    Her indifferent attitude made Yun Yan furious. His gaze, which was previously sober and calm, turned red. Without preamble, he turned towards Gu Ruoyun and launched his attack. The longsword in the young man's hand carried a sharp aura as he brought it downwards in a furious slash. The attack was like a bolt of lightning, shooting across the sky towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing on the ground.

    Despite facing such a powerful attack, Gu Ruoyun's facial expression had not changed at all. A great wind rose and her green robes gently fluttered in the wind.


    As the energy from Yun Yan's sword fell from the sky like lightning, Gu Ruoyun finally made her move.

    However, everyone could only see her raising her broken sword very slowly and brandishing it towards the powerful sword energy. Her fine hair fluttered in the wind and slowly brushed across her delicate features.

    The crowd stared at her without turning away.

    They really wanted to know if the broken sword really could block Yun Yan's attack.

    However, the crowd soon laughed mockingly at themselves. After all, not only was Yun Yan at the refined state, he was also using a spiritual weapon in his attack. Gu Ruoyun was only at the late stage of the exceptional state, how could her broken sword block his attack?

    In the very next moment, the mocking smiles on their faces disappeared and were replaced by a sense of shock.

    As the sword energy, which was as powerful as a bolt of lightning, sliced towards the broken sword, a protective shield seemed to rise towards it, blocking the sword energy!

    That was right!

    She had actually managed to block the attack! She had used only a broken sword to block Yun Yan's attack...

    In the next instant, the entire place fell silent.

    It was so quiet that they could hear the anxious breathing of the person next to them.

    Out of everyone else, no one was more shocked than Yun Yan! He knows better than anyone else of the scale of his own spiritual weapon's power. However, an attack from such a powerful spiritual weapon has actually been blocked by this broken sword?

    Could it be that this broken sword was in a higher class than his spiritual weapon?

    "A middle-class spiritual weapon!" Yun Yan's heart trembled violently.

    The spiritual weapon in Gu Ruoyun's hand was a middle-class spiritual weapon. Otherwise, it would not have such great power!

    As for why Yun Yan had not considered it to be a high-class spiritual weapon, one would need a weapon spirit to promote a middle-class weapon to a high-class spiritual weapon. Without a weapon spirit, the highest rank that sword could have was at middle class!
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