Chapter 1387: The Challenge (9)

    Chapter 1387: The Challenge (9)

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    Hence, she has no way of helping Yun Yan in her present condition.

    "Help me?" Yun Yan's eyes darkened as a smile hung on his face, "I wonder how you would like me to repay you for providing this help to me?"

    Wen Ya bit her lips before she raised her head to look at Yun Yan's handsome face and said, "I want the Secret Order's inheritance!"

    The Secret Order's inheritance?


    Yun Yan laughed maniacally internally. He then turned his disdainful glare towards Wen Ya, "Wen Ya, aren't you overestimating yourself? You even had your eyes set to obtain the Secret Order's inheritance as well? Keep dreaming, the Secret Order will never give the inheritance to a sinister and vicious woman like you!"

    Wen Ya was shocked. She stared at Yun Yan in astonishment as if she could not understand how this man had managed to change his demeanor so quickly.

    "Besides, you also tried to trick me into stealing the Nine Underworld Flames! Do you take me for a fool? The Nine Underworld Flames only acknowledges one master and will never change alliances. Even if Gu Ruoyun dies, the Nine Underworld Flames would never bow to anyone else! Do you think that I don't know that?"

    Yun Yan's words were filled with rage. In the beginning, he thought that Wen Ya has a good relationship with Gu Ruoyun which was why he had agreed to see her.

    However, he never thought that this woman would try to trick him into stealing the Nine Underworld Flames!

    Wen Ya's face drained of color as she never thought that Yun Yan would know about this! Didn't grandfather tell me that he was the only one who knows that the flames would never change their allegiance? How did the members of the Secret Order find out about this?

    Unfortunately, despite Wen Ya's lifelong intelligence, she had been fooled by her general impressions.

    The Secret Order has ten thousand years worth of history, how could they fall behind the other organizations? They could not possibly be ignorant of these kinds of things.

    Otherwise, Gu Ruoyun would never have had the courage to unveil the Nine Underworld Flames in front of the Secret Order's members!

    She understood that the members of the Secret Order would know that the Nine Underworld Flames would never change its allegiance!

    "Senior Brother Yun Yan, I..." Wen Ya bit her lips and tried to explain herself but she suddenly realized that all forms of explanations would be useless. She could not manipulate this man.

    Hence, Wen Ya would rather shut her mouth and say nothing at all.

    "Wen Ya, let me give you a piece of advice. You better mind your actions in the Secret Order!" Yun Yan laughed icily, "Though you and Gu Ruoyun may not be considered as permanent members of the Secret Order, you two are now considered as partial disciples of the Secret Order! The Secret Order abstains from hurting members of our own clan above all else! If you can't accept that, you can settle it in the tournament arena. We don't allow private conflicts and killings!"

    This Secret Order's rule!

    It was also a rule which they have always abided by!

    Even if Gu Ruoyun was not Yun Yan's superior right now, he would never allow Wen Ya to act with such impudence for the sake of the Secret Order's rules!

    "Senior Brother Yun Yan." Wen Ya returned to her senses as she flashed a graceful smile on her beautiful face once again. She then acted as if nothing had happened and spoke gently, "Thank you for your tutelage and I recognize my mistake! That's right, I'm jealous of her and I can't accept that I've received the second place. Hence, I wanted to join forces with you for the sake of obtaining the inheritance. As for the fact that the allegiance of the Nine Underworld Flames cannot be changed... I was not aware of this."

    No matter what, she was never going to admit that she had purposely tried to manipulate Yun Yan!

    Yun Yan did not say anything else. He then waved his hand and said, "Remember what I've told you. If this happens again, I will report this to the elders. By then, you will have to leave the Secret Order. You may now take your leave. Furthermore, stop scheming against Gu Ruoyun. She is now my superior so if you ever dare to attack her, I will never let you get away with it!"
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