Chapter 1392: The Inheritance (5)

    Chapter 1392: The Inheritance (5)

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    "This time, I'll stay behind willingly. If I really want to leave, I afraid you'll never be able to stop me!"


    Hearing this, the Three-Headed Hell Dragon burst into laughter again. "Since you have such great self-confidence, let's wait and see!"


    Outside the Dark Earth Realm, Gu Shengxiao rose to his feet as he stared at the tightly shut door. He then balled his strong fists into a tight grip.

    No one knows how much his heart was trembling at this very moment.

    If he had not taken the risk to enter the Dark Earth Realm for the sake of freeing himself from his half-puppet body, he would never have dragged Qianbei Ye down with him. Now, he had to stay in a place like that for the rest of his life!

    "No, I must find Little Sister. Only Little Sister can save him now!"

    Gu Shengxiao did not know when he had begun to have so much faith in Gu Ruoyun. In his point of view, there was nothing his little sister could not do!

    Therefore, Gu Ruoyun has now become his greatest support.

    He believes that his little sister would certainly find a way to save Qianbei Ye from the Dark Earth Realm! As long as Qianbei Ye could be saved, Gu Shengxiao would have no regrets no matter what he needs to do!

    Gu Shengxiao looked up at the faraway blood-red sky again as he thought about this. His grim eyes then filled with a sense of determination before he slowly turned around and disappeared in the opposite direction. His figure then vanished in the blink of an eye...


    At the fifth level of training pagoda!

    A stone dragon was hovering around some ruins as his fearsome eyes fixed unblinkingly at the sealed area. His gaze was filled with vigilance.

    There was a visible figure in white in the distance within the sealed area. The figure looked like an illusion yet was emitting a powerful energy.

    "It has been ten thousand years."

    The man opened his eyes. His pupils were filled with arrogance and a demeanor which looked at the world disdainfully out of the corner of his eye.

    "I never thought that time would pass by so quickly. It won't be long before I can leave this place and make that damned Qianbei Ye pay!"

    If Gu Ruoyun were here, she would definitely recognize this man. The man before her was the same man who had address himself as 'this Holy One' in the ruins. Besides, he was the one who had killed Zixie back then!

    Even though that man's entire body had been shrouded in darkness at the time, Gu Ruoyun could never forget his voice.

    However, if Gu Ruoyun could see that man's face, she would be extremely shocked!

    His peerless face was carved from the same mold as Qianbei Ye! His silvery hair even gave him an air of refinement like a celestial being. While Qianbei Ye's beauty was the type which could shock all living things with its magnificence, this man was like a sacrosanct god instead which no one would dare to approach.

    "There can only be one ruler in this world! If I had not killed all of them at that time, I would never have been elevated into such a powerful state!" The man stroked his face as his handsome features filled with a cold and distant air. "Unfortunately, I had wasted my mental state in order to kill her that year. I had even used this face to successfully approach her body! After I had killed her, you took advantage of my weakness and imprisoned me here."

    "However, you could not kill me!" The man laughed icily. "There is no one who can kill me in this world so it doesn't matter if you've imprisoned me here! The day I leave this place will be the day you die! Besides, even if I'm shut away here, that doesn't mean that I have no way of hurting you. I'm sure you never would have expected that someone on my side is actually right next to that woman, Gu Ruoyun!"
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