Chapter 1395: The Inheritance (8)

    Chapter 1395: The Inheritance (8)

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    "If I can tame the Sacred Beast, from that moment on, the members of the Secret Order must listen to my commands!"

    That was right!

    In Wen Ya's opinion, the inheritance was no longer her goal. Her goal was now the entire Secret Order!

    The guard behind her was not at all shocked by Wen Ya's words. In the Wen family, Eldest Lady Wen Ya has always been the most ambitious. Besides, he believes that it was only a matter of time before the Eldest Lady becomes the most powerful cultivator on the mainland.

    "I want you to continue to gather information!" Wen Ya's eyes fixed into position as she commanded, "I had lost to Gu Ruoyun during the last assessment. I won't lose again!"

    She turned her gaze towards the blue sky outside her window as a cold smile appeared on her graceful and beautiful features.

    Gu Ruoyun, I had the misfortune to lose to you in the previous assessment. This time, I will not lose!

    Wen Ya turned away and concealed the cutting look in her eyes.

    Perhaps, based on power alone, she could not defeat Gu Ruoyun. However, when it comes to taming beasts, no one was better than the Wen family!

    The Wen family had always had the ability to tame beasts. Even the most stubborn spiritual beasts would be made to serve the Wen family obediently if they fell into the Wen family's hands. Therefore, Wen Ya has great confidence in this area.

    "Shouldn't I thank the Secret Order for giving me this chance?"

    Wen Ya giggled at the thought of this.

    Ever since she had left Yun Yan's cultivation chamber, she thought that she would no longer have any chance of obtaining the inheritance. Now, not only does she have the chance to recover the inheritance, even the Secret Order's Sacred Beast could belong to her too! From then on, who in this mainland would dare make an enemy of the Wen family?

    It was obvious that at this very moment, Wen Ya already considers the Sacred Beast and the inheritance as her possessions. Based on her point of view, the only people in the world who could tame the Sacred Beast was the Wen family.


    Three days later.

    The plaza was crowded with people.

    Elder Tianren spotted Gu Ruoyun who arrived late behind the crow. He wanted to speak but he didn't know what to say and could only stare at her apologetically. "You're here, Gu girl?"

    Gu Ruoyun nodded her head indifferently, "I'm very curious about the Secret Order's Sacred Beast. The only thing is, I don't know what kind of effort I'd have to go through this time in order to obtain the inheritance."

    "This..." Elder Tianren laughed in embarrassment, "Gu girl, the Secret Order's Sacred Beast is not like any other spiritual beast. It's a little more difficult to communicate with him. Now, amongst the myriad of people in this world, only the Sacred Lady alone can communicate with the Sacred Beast. If you manage to communicate with the Sacred Beast, the inheritance is yours without a doubt."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and did not say anything more. However, the dignity in her gaze was entangled with a sense of indifference as she drifted away in thought.

    Just as Elder Tianren was about to speak, a graceful voice suddenly rang out. It diverted his attention and made him furrow his brows.

    "Elder Tianren, I wonder if you remember me? The Left Emissary had brought me to see you on the first day of my arrival in the Secret Order."

    Elder Tianren frowned as he turned to look at Wen Ya's beautiful face. After a long pause, he replied in sudden enlightenment, "Oh, I remember you, you're the girl from the Wen family. You had pretended to be the Gu girl at the time and caused me to mistake you for someone else."

    Wen Ya's smile stiffened.

    She never expected Elder Tianren to reveal this matter in front of so many people. Besides, it was not like she had intended to pose as her rival at the time. It was this old fellow's fault for mistaking her for Gu Ruoyun.
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