Chapter 1396: The Sacred Beast (1)

    Chapter 1396: The Sacred Beast (1)

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    Wen Ya felt an agitated sense of nervousness on her face as if she could sense all the disdainful stares directed towards her. She immediately felt the strong urge to squeeze into a hole in the ground.

    Elder Tianren did not think too much of it. To him, he was only making casual conversation. He then returned his attention to Gu Ruoyun and was just about to speak when a dragon's roar shook the ground.

    The crowd lifted their heads and turned around. Their eyes immediately set upon a large white dragon hovering in the sky! It was so big that its gigantic body almost covered the vast expanse of the sky.

    This white dragon was twice the size of the dragon in Gu Ruoyun's possession. Of course, its power was no small matter either! Even standing beneath this great white dragon was enough to feel its powerful suppression.

    "That's the Sacred Beast?"

    Wen Ya stared dazedly at the Sacred Beast in the sky and a hint of greed flashed in her eyes. If this large dragon could serve her, who on this mainland would ever dare to threaten her again?

    "This can't be right."

    Just then, Gu Ruoyun's voice rang out, "That's not the Sacred Beast."

    "Lady Gu, while I may admire your talent and power, your knowledge of things is still not all that great." Wen Ya shook her head and laughed. "Since such a spiritual beast has appeared right here, if that's not the Sacred Beast, then what is? Besides, this white dragon is extremely powerful, I believe that it has surpassed the refined state!"

    Surpassed the refined state!

    That's the mythical ninth transformation state!

    That's one step away from the power of a god!

    The disciples of the Secret Order have never seen the legendary Sacred Beast before. After hearing Wen Ya's explanation, they all nodded in agreement.

    Even Yun Yan, who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun, tugged on her sleeve and whispered softly, "Leader, I remember that there is only one spiritual beast in the Secret Order. Therefore, this white dragon should be the Sacred Beast."

    Gu Ruoyun calmly swept her gaze towards Wen Ya. She then turned her eyes towards the white dragon in the sky.


    The white dragon let out another roar which raised a great wave in the sky. It then made a move and charged downwards. The entire air was immediately filled with excitement.

    The crowd quickly withdrew and created space for the white dragon to land. Once the crowd had taken several steps back, its large landed on the ground with a crash. Dust flew into the air and covered the entire plaza.

    "Welcome, Lord Sacred Beast!"

    The disciples of the Secret Order knelt to the ground and welcomed the dragon with reverence.

    Wen Ya, who was already drooling over the Sacred Beast, stared fixedly at the dust-filled space. Her eyes were filled with nervousness and anticipation. There was even a sense of determination for victory.

    A gust of wind rose and the dust which covered the white dragon's body dispersed. However, when everyone saw the white dragon again, they could not help but feel shocked.

    They saw a spiritual beast which was only the size of a palm sitting on the white dragon's enormous head. That spiritual beast's entire body was as white as snow and looked fluffy and cute. Its large, adorable eyes carried a bewildered light as it observed the people around it curiously.

    "This... What is this? How is this spiritual beast so bold that it would dare sit on the Sacred Beast's head?"

    Some were unable to return to their senses for the time being and scolded the little snow-white beast angrily.

    To them, the Sacred Beast was the Secret Order's treasure yet a little beast had the audacity to climb onto the Sacred Beast's head. It was digging its own grave! However, what many people in the crowd could not understand was why the proud Sacred Beast would allow this little beast to occupy its head.

    Is it because the little beast was skilled in acting cute so the Lord Sacred Beast could not bear to chase it away?
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