Chapter 1397: The Sacred Beast (2)

    Chapter 1397: The Sacred Beast (2)

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    As Wen Ya listened to the discussions, an uncomfortable feeling suddenly emerged in her heart and her eyes slowly shifted towards Gu Ruoyun's face. When she saw her calm and indifferent expression, the anxiety in her heart became even deeper. She almost opened her mouth to speak but stayed quiet in the end.


    The white dragon roared loudly and caused the entire ground to tremble. At this moment, the entire plaza became silent and not a single sound could be heard.

    The crowd then watched as the white dragon lowered his proud head and placed his head firmly near the ground, allowing the little beast to slide down from the top of his head. The dragon's expression was filled with reverence.

    That was right! Reverence!

    This piece of knowledge put the crowd in the plaza into a daze. Where did this little beast come from to be able to receive such a respectful treatment from the Secret Order's Sacred Beast?

    The little beast was clearly shocked by the situation before it. After a long pause, it returned to its senses. It pointed its small, white paw towards the people around it who were crying out in a hubbub of voices. It looked extremely furious.

    "This spiritual beast can't talk?"

    A sense of contemplation flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes. Some spiritual beasts could speak conceited nonsense upon reaching a certain state yet this spiritual beast does not speak any human language. Even so, Gu Ruoyun did not dare to underestimate this seemingly unaggressive little beast.

    This spiritual beast's power should not be a small matter for it to be able to receive the title of the Secret Order's Sacred Beast, nor does it lack killing power as its exterior suggested.

    "The Clan Leader has arrived!"

    The crowd instantly created a small path when they heard this announcement.

    A white-haired old woman with a walking stick slowly walked towards them from a short distance away from the plaza. Her footsteps were light, quick and vigorous, very different from her old and wrinkled features.

    "I, the Secret Order's Clan Leader, pay my respects to you, Lord Sacred Beast."

    The Clan Leader walked towards the furry little beast, joined her fists and spoke with a respectful look on her face.


    The Clan Leader's words were like a shocking bolt of lightning as it fell into the crowd. It also brought Wen Ya's uncomfortable feeling into reality.

    Sacred Beast?

    This little beast is the Sacred Beast?

    No wonder it was allowed to sit on the white dragon's head and that the white dragon would treat it with such reverence.

    The real Secret Order's Sacred Beast was actually this unassuming little creature!

    Wen Ya's face slowly drained of color and she looked at Gu Ruoyun and bit her lip. She then took a deep breath and calmed the turbulent emotions in her heart before returning once again to her usual graceful state.

    She must tame this Sacred Beast no matter what.

    Only then would she be able to surpass everyone else and become the heir to the inheritance!

    The little beast became instantly more enraged when it saw the Clan Leader. Its tiny paw pointed at her, almost touching her nose, as it made a string of incomprehensible noises. Based on its expression, it was not hard to imagine that the little beast was definitely scolding the Clan Leader at this point.

    An embarrassed look appeared on the Clan Leader's face as she said, "Lord Sacred Beast, I don't understand what you're saying."

    The little beast's eyes were now spitting fire as it glared fiercely at the Clan Leader.

    Didn't I send an order to this old fart to have the old fart bring the heir to the inheritance to see me? It thought angrily.  I had rushed forward in high spirits when the white dragon had arrived to escort me. Who would have thought that this old fart ended up putting me on public display?

    Doesn't she deserve a scolding?

    Poor Clan Leader, she does not know what she had done wrong. Even though the Sacred Beast had previously agreed to communicate with her, a miscommunication had arisen because this little fellow could not accurately convey its thoughts. As a result, the Clan Leader thought that this little fellow had wanted to re-elect the heir.
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