Chapter 1398: The Sacred Beast (3)

    Chapter 1398: The Sacred Beast (3)

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    "Lord Sacred Beast, I've obeyed your order and gathered everyone here so that you can make your choice. The person you choose can then head to the inheritance chamber and accept the inheritance. May I ask if you have any further orders, Lord Sacred Beast?"

    The Clan Leader's entire face was full of respect as she slowly replied.

    The little fellow was completely confused.  When have I ever given such an order? I had clearly informed her that I wanted to meet this round's heir to the inheritance. When did I ever say that I wanted a reselection? What on earth are these humans doing?

    The little fellow pointed at the crowd at the thought of this and cried out in an incomprehensible manner once again. It was asking the Clan Leader to get rid of the crowd.

    Unfortunately, the Clan Leader misunderstood its meaning again as she smiled and said, "Lord Sacred Beast, don't worry, I've already made preparations. We can now begin your selection, Lord Sacred Beast. I will get them to step forward one by one after this. The person of your choice will become the heir to the inheritance 1  ."

    After saying her piece, the Clan Leader turned to look at the young geniuses in the plaza and smiled calmly as she said, "Which one of you would like to try first?"

    After all, this inheritance was an item coveted by everyone. Once someone has the good fortune of successfully obtaining this inheritance, the First City would pretty much belong to the heir of the inheritance from that moment on.

    Hence, as soon as the Clan Leader asked her question, many disciples immediately stepped forward, rubbing their fists in excitement.

    "Senior Brother Yun Yan, weren't you very interested in the inheritance? Why don't you lead the way?"

    One of the disciples spoke up when he noticed that Yun Yan had not made any move.


    Yun Yan was mildly dazed.

    Honestly speaking, to say that he has no inclination towards the inheritance was a lie. After all, he had made many preparations throughout the years for the sake of this inheritance. However...

    He looked at Gu Ruoyun and his hesitation did not diminish.

    Gu Ruoyun seemed to sense his thoughts and swept her eyes indifferently towards his confused face. "Those who are capable deserve the inheritance. If you have this power, why not give it a try?"

    Hearing this, Yun Yan sighed in relief.

    "Since that's the case, I'll give it a go."

    He then stepped forward and approached the little fellow in front of him.

    The little fellow glanced at Yun Yan who was approaching it. A bewildered look flashed across its eyes as if it did not understand what he was going to do. Its large eyes continued to stare blankly and adorably at him.

    "Hehe, Lord Sacred Beast, I am a disciple of the Secret Order and there's a saying that one should keep good things to oneself. Why don't you cooperate with me?"

    Even though this little fellow was the Secret Order's Sacred Beast, Yun Yan was unconsciously treating is like a cutesy, adorable little animal.

    At that moment, the white fur on its entire body was standing on end like a startled little cat as it stared vigilantly at Yun Yan who was approaching it.

    "Don't worry, I'm a very gentle person."

    Yun Yan smiled warmly and raised his hand to touch the little fellow's head. The little fellow immediately reacted like a bird startled by the twang of a bow and a powerful energy erupted from its tiny little body, instantly flinging Yun Yan out of the way.

    Everything immediately went quiet.

    Yun Yan blinked, unable to believe that he had failed just like that. Furthermore, he had not even touched the little beast's body.
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