Chapter 1399: The Sacred Beast (4)

    Chapter 1399: The Sacred Beast (4)

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    The Clan Leader shook her head as a sense of disappointment flashed in her eyes. The Sacred Beast had always been known to have a bad temper yet Yun Yan had the audacity to tease it. The fact that it had not killed him was already saving the Secret Order some dignity.

    Without meaning to, the Clan Leader's gaze landed upon Gu Ruoyun. She wondered if she would be the one to be able to tame the Lord Sacred Beast smoothly.

    After that, several other Secret Order disciples slowly stepped up. However, they ended up just like Yun Yan and failed before they could even get close to the Sacred Beast. The initial bright spark on their youthful faces was now filled with an ashen sense of defeat.

    "Who wants to try next?"

    The Clan Leader's eyes scanned her surroundings as she spoke indifferently.

    "I'd like to try."

    A soft and gentle voice slowly rang out from the crowd.

    The Clan Leader then noticed a woman who was dressed in light yellow robes appear before the eyes of the crowd with a graceful smile.

    It goes without saying that Wen Ya was indeed very beautiful. Her graceful air of nobility instantly attracted every Secret Order disciple's eye in the plaza. Their eyes were all turned towards her as an obvious sense of mesmerization flashed in their gaze.

    Wen Ya has experienced this type of attention from a very young age so there was not even a hint of emotion on her face. The smile on her face continued to glimmer with a gentle light.

    "Who is she?"

    The Clan Leader furrowed her brows and asked in a low voice.

    Hearing this, Elder Tianren quickly explained, "Reporting to you, Clan Leader. This woman is the second place winner in the previous assessment. She's the Eldest Lady of the Wen family, Wen Ya. She is also one level beneath the Gu girl. According to principle, she also has the right to join the Lord Sacred Beast's test."

    The Clan Leader nodded as her eyes turned to look at Wen Ya's beautiful face. She then spoke blandly, "Since you've entered the Secret Order, you can be considered as a partial disciple in the Secret Order. As long as you manage to pass the test, I will keep to my word."

    Wen Ya smiled and replied in a neutral voice, "Lord Clan Leader, I've long held a fascination for the Secret Order's Sacred Beast. Hence, I only want to give it a try. Whether I fail or succeed, I will have no regrets."

    The Clan Leader could not help but admire Wen Ya's words. Her face softened a great deal and she replied indifferently, "You may start."

    "Yes, Lord Clan Leader."

    Wen Ya had a smile on her face the entire time and her beautiful eyes were full of confidence. As someone who has received the Wen family's training from a young age, she has absolute confidence that she would be able to tame the Sacred Beast.

    She turned her gaze away at the thought of this and walked towards the little fellow in front of her.

    When the little fellow noticed Wen Ya's approach, it blinked and stared at her in confusion, clearly unsure of what this extremely pretty woman wanted with it.

    The other thing was, this little fellow could not resist beautiful women at all. Therefore, it did not view her with hostility like the way it had treated the Secret Order disciples in the beginning, allowing Wen Ya to approach it.

    "Lord Sacred Beast, I have held you in high esteem for a very long time. I never thought that I'd have the good fortune of meeting you today. If you are willing, I can have the inheritance in a well-reasoned manner. Of course, if you are not willing, I can accept my failure this time. After all, in my opinion, the greatest benefit of my arrival in the Secret Order is to be able to meet you, Lord Sacred Beast."

    It goes without saying that Wen Ya has a good grasp on how spiritual beasts' hearts work. She understood that be it humans or beasts, neither one of them can resist praise.

    Indeed, upon hearing her words of reverence, the little fellow's behavior softened and it looked as if it was in a state of bliss.
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