Chapter 1400: The Sacred Beast (5)

    Chapter 1400: The Sacred Beast (5)

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    "Lord Sacred Beast, perhaps my next course of action would be a little disrespectful to you but I'm only giving it a try. Please forgive me, Lord Sacred Beast."

    As she spoke, Wen Ya placed her hand on the little beast's head. Realizing that the little beast did not resist her touch, her heart filled with joy.

    I've done it!

    Wen Ya's heart filled with excitement at this very moment.

    Only one last step and the Lord Sacred Beast is mine. This entire Sacred Order, including the legendary inheritance, will soon be as good as mine.

    It was obvious that Wen Ya had misinterpreted the Clan Leader's meaning. The Clan Leader had only allowed the Sacred Beast to show up and choose the heir to the inheritance, she never said that she would hand the Secret Order to the person who receives the Sacred Beast's approval. That was an impossible situation!

    Yet, Wen Ya had arrogantly concluded that obtaining the Sacred Beast was equivalent to obtaining the entire Secret Order!


    Zi Yun and Chu Luo's hearts clenched. If Wen Ya receives the Sacred Beast's approval, the situation would become extremely dangerous for them.

    However, Gu Ruoyun did not react at all. She only stared calmly at Wen Ya who was in the midst of domesticating the little beast.

    "It looks like the Lord Sacred Beast approves of Wen Ya."

    "Sigh, I never thought that the Secret Order's inheritance would still be given to an outsider in the end. However, I am rather satisfied with it going to Wen Ya! She's the Eldest Lady of the Wen family after all and she was born into a famous house of nobility. Furthermore, she is talented and beautiful and also conducts herself well. It would not hurt the Secret Order's reputation if she receives the inheritance."

    The crowd sighed and they spoke as if they had confirmed that Wen Ya has received the Sacred Beast's approval.

    They had assumed she was successful because no one else had managed to get close to the Sacred Beast! Since she was the only one who has managed to touch the Sacred Beast, does that not mean that the Sacred Beast approves of her?

    Wen Ya ignored their discussions as she gathered her spiritual into the palm of her hand and began to transfer it to the little beast's head. When Wen Ya saw that the spiritual energy was about to reach the little beast's soul, a smile appeared in her eyes.

    Just a little more and I'll be successful...

    The little beast, which had been basking in Wen Ya's flattery, suddenly opened its eyes. A ferocious light then flashed across its large, bright and intelligent eyes before...

    With a loud bang, a powerful energy erupted from its little body. It flowed through the thread of spiritual energy and into Wen Ya's mind. She instantly screamed and her body was flung out of the way!

    Even though the little beast had hurt Yun Yan and the others before, it had acted out of impatience towards humans. However, at this moment, its body now emanated a thick murderous intent!

    What had Wen Ya done which made the Sacred Beast want to kill her?

    The Clan Leader was shocked. She stared puzzledly at Wen Ya before turning towards the little beast again. She then asked reverently, "Lord Sacred Beast, what has caused you to become so angered?"

    The little beast pointed at Wen Ya furiously and screeched incoherently. It looked as if it wanted to tear her to shreds! A blazing rage enveloped its little body until even the white dragon next to it was terrified. It lowered its head and did not dare make a single sound.

    "Zixie, do you know what it's saying?"

    Gu Ruoyun lowered her head and asked Zixie though soul telepathy.


    Zixie's low, demonic and gruff voice rang out from within her soul, "It's scolding Wen Ya and calling her out for being extremely daring and using words to mystify it before trying to place it under contract."

    Under contract?

    Gu Ruoyun shook and she turned her eyes towards the angry little beast.
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