Chapter 1401: The Sacred Beast (6)

    Chapter 1401: The Sacred Beast (6)

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    Gu Ruoyun never thought that Wen Ya would be so stupid as to fantasize about successfully forming a contract with this little fellow in an instant.

    Spiritual beasts have always been extremely lofty-minded. If the matter has not reached its approval, it would never willingly allow a contract from the opposition! It would rather die in glory than live in dishonor!

    "Lord Sacred Beast, please calm down." Elder Tianren wiped the cold sweat from his brow and tried to console it.

    Calm down?

    The little fellow became even more furious when it heard Elder Tianren's words and sent him a fierce glare.

    This damned human is far too audacious, she even dared to try and form a contract with me! I should never have allowed myself to be mystified by her beautiful looks and lost myself in her flattery!

    "This..." Elder Tianren looked at the Clan Leader and said, "Lord Clan Leader, the Sacred Beast is in such a rage that I'm afraid no one else would receive its approval at this moment. How about we forget about this for today and continue the reselection when the Sacred Beast's heart has calmed down?"

    Hearing this, the Clan Leader nodded, "You're right, Elder, the Lord Sacred Beast has always had a bad temper. It's now in the middle of a tantrum so it would never respond to anyone at this point. Since that's the case, let's wait a few more days. We shall continue this then."

    Wen Ya was lying on the icy cold ground. She seemed to sense the looks of disdain around her and immediately felt a sense of panic on her face. She felt the great urge to find a hole in the ground and squeeze herself into it.

    Yet, what she could not stand most of all was the fact that she had failed to tame the Sacred Beast!

    Wen Ya felt as if a needle had pierced fiercely into her heart when she thought of this. It was extremely agonizing. It was also at this moment that she overheard the conversation between Elder Tianren and the Clan Leader. She quickly shot the Wen family guard, who was standing next to her, a look.

    The guard understood it intuitively and walked in front of the crowd before joining his fists and saying, "Lord Clan Leader, Elder Tianren, only Lady Gu alone has not taken the Sacred Beast's test. My Young Lady has always had a very amicable relationship with Lady Gu so she is naturally aware of Lady Gu's abilities. Please grant Lady Gu this opportunity so that she may step forward and prove herself! I feel that out of everyone else here, only Lady Gu would be able to tame the Sacred Beast!"

    Of course, as Wen Ya's trusted aide, the guard had purposely amplified Gu Ruoyun's abilities. Only then would they be able to anger the Lord Sacred Beast even more!

    His Young Lady has lost her dignity in front of the public's eyes. Therefore, Gu Ruoyun should not escape this attack either! Hence, the Wen family would never let her get away so easily no matter what!

    "The Wen family members sure are sinister! Even their guard is no different."

    Chu Luo scoffed icily and stared disdainfully at the Wen family guard who had stepped out to give his suggestion.

    "I don't understand, when had our Master been on good terms with that sl*t, Wen Ya? She had lost her dignity on her own, there's no need to drag anyone else down with her." Zi Yun's face was filled with disdain as well. "Unfortunately, both their situations aren't the same. Even if our Master fails under these circumstances, she would not lose too much face. Unlike Wen Ya, who had acted so confidently only to fail in the end."

    In contrast with Chu Luo and Zi Yun's anger, Gu Ruoyun looked so calm that there was not even a single thread of emotion visible on her face. There were no signs of emotions in her clear and cold eyes as well as he stared intently at the Wen Ya's pale form.

    Of course, the Wen family guard's words not only angered the Sacred Beast even further; he had also offended a group of disciples.

    "What big talk, to actually say that only this woman, out of all of us, could receive the Sacred Beast's approval! That's right, I do admit that she has great talent! She even defeated Senior Brother Yun Yan but I don't think that she would be able to receive the Sacred Beast's approval! Such brash and arrogant words, he not afraid of having one's tongue chopped off."

    "Lord Clan Leader, since she's so great, why not give her a try. I'd love to see what ability she's going to use to get the Sacred Beast's approval!"
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