Chapter 1402: A Failed Inheritance? (1)

    Chapter 1402: A Failed Inheritance? (1)

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    The crowd's fervent discussion filled the entire plaza which made the Clan Leader and various elders knit their brows, clearly annoyed with the Wen family bodyguard's words. After all, the Sacred Beast's disposition has always been strange. For someone to receive its approval was difficult enough on a regular day. Besides, it was still in a rage at this moment.

    To have Gu Ruoyun step forward under these circumstances was a guaranteed failure!


    The Clan Leader waved her hand and asked everyone to quiet down. She swept her cold and indifferent eyes towards the Wen family bodyguard and spoke faintly, "The Secret Order has always prioritized fairness and it would be unfair for Gu Ruoyun to step forward now. Hence, let us disperse for now. We shall continue once the Sacred Beast's emotions have stabilized."

    Wen Ya's expression changed. She never thought that the Clan Leader of the Secret Order would stand up for Gu Ruoyun. This was clearly out of her expectation.

    She gritted her teeth as her heart grew wild with hatred. However, her head began to throb with agony as well. It was so painful that she quickly gave up all thought so that her state of mind would return to her calm demeanor.

    After the Clan Leader spoke, the plaza was instantly silenced. Suddenly, the Wen family's guard spoke once again, "Lord Clan Leader, many people have already taken the test and only Gu Ruoyun has not stepped up. If you don't permit her to take the test today, it would be equivalent to giving her more time for preparation. Isn't that unfair to everyone else?"


    This time, forget about everyone else, even Wen Ya's expression had turned completely ashen.

    She had been too preoccupied about hating Gu Ruoyun and had forgotten to warn the Wen family guard to stop speaking. She never thought that the guard, who had not received Wen Ya's order, to assume that his Young Lady wanted him to play the conspiracy to the end. Hence, he had ended up spewing such rude words in front of everyone else.

    The Clan Leader's eyes darkened. She then spoke in a leisurely manner, "Hehe, I never thought that after concealing the Secret Order for so many years, even a Wen family guard would dare to challenge the Secret Order's dignity! This is not bad at all! It looks like I would need to ask the First City's Governor if this is really one of the Three Great Protectors that he has chosen back then?"

    "Shut up!"

    Just as the Clan Leader had spoken up irritably, Wen Ya quickly rose to her feet and furiously slapped the guard next to her. She then chastised him with a fierce and sharp look in her eyes, "I haven't spoken so when were you ever granted the right to speak? You've always used the trust my family's elders had in you to reign tyrannical abuse. You even bullied my step-sister, Wen Yue! While I can close one eye and ignore these matters and I had even discarded all former enmity and brought you here into the Secret Order, I never thought that you would say such treacherous words!"

    Wen Ya looked extremely furious. Her eyes had become extremely red as she berated him in a stern voice.

    Anyone who was not aware of the situation would think that the Wen family guard had acted out of his own accord and had nothing to do with Wen Ya!

    She, on the other hand, was only responsible for failing to discipline him enough at the very most.

    The Wen family guard also managed to understand the situation and threw himself to the ground with a crash. He lowered his head and exclaimed, "Please forgive me, Young Lady, I just couldn't bear the sight of it. Gu Ruoyun had secretly poisoned you on the day of the assessment in Celestial Mountain and forced you to give up on the champion's title. Otherwise, how could she have been able to become the champion? The champion's title should have belonged to the Wen family but she had used sinister tactics to snatch it! I didn't want you to lower yourself like this so I simply wanted to intervene on behalf of the injustice you've had to suffer."
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